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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Crazy, Noble Farmer In A Bobcat With An Excavator Shovel

That's how the old lady got out. Her driveway was unplowable, and we were discussing carrying her out on a lawnchair. I still have to shovel, but now it's doable. Men are great.

Hooray! I still don't like the idea of you doing all of that shoveling, especially when a $400 single-stage snowblower would make your life a whole lot easier.

I do understand the satisfaction of having shoveled a driveway and, once finished, leaning on the handle as you survey your work. But trust me, the satisfaction is the same with a snowblower.
This could by you!

No one has given me apple pie, but I have had a few smiles and nice waves when I do the sidewalks, front walks and curb cuts for the block.
(sigh) be you, not by you.
Needs must, when the demons drive. (The salt of the earth types are pretty good at getting it done when there ain't no other way it will get done.)

Stay warm and stay safe. Over at this end of the continent, I'm busy keeping a weather eye on a dear friend who narrowly avoided hospitalization with pneumonia.
Gordon - snow that has to be chopped loose is not susceptible to a snow-blower. Also her narrow driveway, which snakes up and around a hill is sort of sunk into the hill, so there is nowhere to put the snow.

However if this old lady won't move, and she probably won't, because her kids just want to put her in a home, I think I might buy a big snow blower and leave it up there on top of the hill. It still wouldn't work for times like this, but it might work most of the time.

This was a mingled snow-ice storm of the very worst variety. Words can not describe the mess.
John - it was tea party in action. That's what I was thinking when I was dancing around at the top of the hill, providing a cheering section for a remarkably dangerous feat at 11 PM last night.

When you've got to, you've got to, and you do it. The whole tea party thing is really built on a desperate recognition that we've got to do it.
Ah--you're right. Snow with a thick crust of ice on top is tricky. I've seen it done, but the person doing it had a Bobcat with the snowthrower attachment, and that's a lot more horsepower.

I used to have a house with attached flat-roof garage, The snow would come over the garage and drop in front of the door, right between my house and the one next door. The snow had to be moved about 30 feed down the driveway, then off to the side into the front yard.

The best I ever saw was one of those feats of small-town mechanical engineering. They'd gotten hold of an old railroad rotary snowthrower and somehow mated it to a large dumptruck. It could throw snow 250 feet.
sooo funny... gw with such snow around))) i dunno for sure, but it seems that freezing in some regions is a part of gw...but still the clip is funny and music is nice
Gordon - the farmer was muttering something about such a contrivance around midnight.

I wouldn't put it past him - this man loves engines.
When I was a kid, the farmer up the road was the paid "road commissioner" for our district. He had a gigantic snow-blower that hung off the back of a 4-wheel-drive tractor. It was about the size of a hay baler, and I don't think it ever choked on anything at all. Now, whether the state road (where his territory ended) was plowed or not, was another story entirely.
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