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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Family

In an attempt to save the lines coming into the house I have been out there trying to knock the snow off the trees, but it is getting far too dangerous as the wind picks up. Because the snow was wet and icy, a lot of it is frozen on the lines and trees.

I expect to lose power. The house is okay. After I lose the phone (only 8 hours backup),
I will turn my cell phone on from 11 AM - 1 PM in the mornings and 6-8 PM in the evenings.

Do not attempt to come by here. The driveway is blocked by fallen branches and cannot be plowed. I can probably clear the branches myself, but it is far too dangerous to attempt until the wind has fully died down and more of the snow is off the trees. Right now it's extremely dangerous to be out there anywhere under any trees - i.e. on the entire driveway. I think the big pine may not make it, but at least it will fall the right way.

I will be okay for days, so don't worry. There is well more than a foot of snow here, so don't be surprised if it is a while before you hear from me.

Right now Mrs. B is all right but I will probably have to get her out, but it is too dangerous now. I can't even walk over there with the tree branches falling like this, much less get her out. Say a prayer for her.

Update: PA brother still has power, but has two big trees down over his driveway. Thus 4WD man will be forced by providence to exercise discretion over valor. He says he has only around a foot and reports that he has dug his way through to the firewood. At least we know he's got plenty of ammo. Come to think of it, he's probably got enough to blast his way right through the downed trees. I better not give him any ideas.... He's got the chainsaw, too.

I've got at least 16 inches. Probably more. There is about three feet of snow on the picnic table and about two on each bench. Trying to get around in it, I was up well over my knees everywhere except where I had already shoveled today. But so far the wind has not developed.... It would be great if that part of the forecast were wrong.

Further; DC Bro checked in. He is home and fine, but reports intermittent power failures. He has plenty of everything and does not intend to go out for another couple of days. Seeing that he is a physicist, and thus slightly real-world impaired at times, I suggested that he should fill a couple of containers with water. He had not thought of that.... So everybody should be okay unless they do something stupid.

I still have power, but the trees and branches are cracking and falling all around, and I just saw a squadron of utility trucks go by north. It's gonna be a doozy. I wish I had a camera - it is stunningly beautiful. Plus, I can see a tree beginning to lean over another building, and I bet it is going to go tonight. It would be great to catch it in mid-fall.

Good luck and G-d bless.
Be safe.
I can tell by your post that you are, as we were taught in the Navy, forehanded. Meaning - prepared for the worst.

This too will pass. Stay warm and enjoy the beauty of it all.
I hope things are starting to clear a bit. I once had a branch come through the roof during an ice storm. It can truly be scary. Prayers headed your way.
Oh, been meaning to post this for you: Giving the 'unconscious' a voice
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