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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mobisyl For A Snowbound Nation

Let's face it, a lot of us are middle-aged. Many of us are middle-aged and taking care of the aged. We hurt. As I stare sorrowfully at the forecast for another six inches of snow Monday into Tuesday, I realize that I am fated to knock the snow off the roof before that happens. In very cold weather yet. With wind. And I have not yet gotten the old lady's driveway down to black. Disaster impends. It is too cold for any of this to melt.

I contemplate my spasming right thigh muscle, and I realize that I have only one way out - aside from suicide - and that way is MOBISYL.

It is pretty much aspirin in a cream. You rub it on for sprains, joint pains, muscle aches etc. This stuff works like nothing else around. You can have a joint swollen twice its size or an immovable limb, and within a couple of days Mobisyl will have it close to normal.

Because you rub it on, it is a lot easier on the gastric system than taking anything. Obviously, if you can't take aspirin you shouldn't fool around with this stuff. Follow the directions, and before you use it the first time, rub a little on somewhere and watch for irritation.

I swear to you, Mobisyl will resolve problems in days that would otherwise leave you gimpy for weeks.

I can remember a magazine from some years back comparing one decade to another. The drug section changed from cocaine to Aleve. Seems to have been true. I have given up and embraced my geezerhood. Hope the snow lets up soon.
Geezers unite, you have nothing to lose but your marbles!!

This is that plain old-fashioned thing known as a "bad winter". Spring will come.

I laughed myself silly over the NY Times theory that this is global warming.
I've never used Mobisyl but I have used Icy Hot. I talked my girlfriend into using since she often has neck pain from Dystonia.

Icy Hot has 30% Menthyl Salicylate.

Mobisyl has 10% Trolamine Salicylate.

I'm curious if you've tried both and what the differences might be.

Icy Hot has a very strong peppermint odor, which I kind of like. I probably associate it with having pain removed though. It was great in high school after some basketball practices!

The feeling can be a bit intense. It does feel both Icy and Hot.
Mark - I haven't tried both, so I don't know what the difference is. Mobisyl doesn't feel like anything when you rub it in.

Mobisyl doesn't feel like anything when you rub it in.

That's good to know. It might be a good alternative for places where Icy and Hot aren't exactly ideal. The back of one's neck can be a bit sensitive.
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