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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Asking For Prayers For Tom Stone

Update: Tom is somewhat better after IV antibiotics, but his situation is still quite serious. Thanks. End update.

I am pretty worried about this. Tom Stone (who comments here sometimes) is in CA and living alone. He has a young daughter and has shared custody.

Tom has a bad infection from a cut in his leg, and he has already had one round of surgical treatment, but so far it is not doing it.

Please pray for healing and comfort for Tom, guidance for his doctors, and, in general, for clarity. Persistent infections can cause the loss of life and limb and this appears to be a bad one. He got it from soil.

Tom, if you see this please check your email.

Get well soon Tom!
I second Stagflationary Mark's sentiment.

Recover soon Tom.
Praying for a speedy recovery for Tom that the Lord will send His Word and heal him. God bless Tom and his family as well as those here who care about him.
Ask Tom to ask his physician if he is a hyperbarics candidate? It CAN help this kind of thing sometimes.
Tom will be in our thoughts here...
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