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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Behind The Great Wall Of China

The modern version, that is. Shrinkwrapped was informed by a reader yesterday that his blog is blocked in China.

The same reader (Good Ol Charlie) sent him a message about mine:
BTW, Maxed Out Momma is COMPLETELY blocked. Flushed from the get-go. She wins the competition...sorry about that. Please pass the word to her.
Ain't that sweet. And here I thought that only ObamaGirlz and bank presidents wanted to see my entrails being eaten by dogs. Actually, the bank presidents have since repented, but for a while things were quite ugly.

The First Amendment has more to do with the USA's past health (socially, economically, and in terms of security) than most want to believe. China's worst enemy at this time is its own ideology. Without rampant, brawling and undignified internal debate societies can't check and fix themselves.

Groupthink will make you poor, insane and WEAK. I fear groupthink as I fear nothing else.

I asked my local library branch if they filed the constitution in the fiction section last year as a joke.They did not own a copy!They have 3 now.BTW,the federalist papers are considered subversive literature by the FBI.
Tom, where did you get the info about the federalist papers being considered subversive by the FBI? I don't believe it.
I think he's referring to the infamous Napolitano report on right-wing extremists from last year. It was a DHS/FBI collaboration, and foolishly listed the prominent display of founding documents as a tell-tale sign of an incipient domestic terrorist.

I suppose it's true that a lot of the militia types fetishize the founding documents, but hopefully it's obvious that not everyone who studies such things should be considered a potential terrorist.

Tom, you have my sincere apologies.

In deference to keeping my BP in the SuperDoc-approved range (it has to 90-10X/58-6X), I did not read that silly thing.

To think that my history teachers were subversives....

Neil, Thank you for the, um, elucidation.
Thanks,neil.I had forgotten where I read it,probably out of a vain attempt to retain some vestige of sanity.These are the guardians of the republic,and they equate the federalist papers with the Turner diaries.color me boggled.
I'm cursed with a good memory for things I've read and seen. It's a curse because every so often I unknowingly blurt out a fact that everyone else has banished from mind as too inconvenient. Major social faux pas.
We're not worthy!
We're not worthy!
"probably out of a vain attempt to retain some vestige of sanity"

Heh. I think I just lost another vestige.
Gordon - it could be you, you know. It might be that you commenters are the horrible subversive force from which the tender, green-shooting Chinese minds must be protected.
Dang--and I just found a really good Chinese restaurant. Now I'm a subversive. No doubt I'll be denounced in the party organ and there'll be posters and such.

I'm such a party pooper.
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