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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sorry, No Post Today

I am whipped, and I have to be up and out at 0 dark thirty tomorrow morning.

Most of today's reports were good, though. I just flipped through them, and it was a nice, springy feeling.

PS: I am hauling hod at SuperDoc's. Siegel's article is the reason why. That's what I see at SuperDoc's. It's pretty scary. The system is about to bust.

MoM,Americans get to pay more for even worse outcomes?Looking on the bright side,Guam hasn't capsized yet...
Tom, California will capsize first.
I am not sure about that,after all Harold Johnson IS a congresscritter and privy to information beyond my ken.or barbie for that matter.
...and the worst part is:
look at the comments after the article.
Almost all of them populist drivel about how overcompensated doctors and insurance companies are, the more populist the more comment approvals they receive.
You might be interested in these charts. It's something I have been working on for a week.

A Grand Unified Theory of Real Estate Malinvestment
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