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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Anchoress An Attack Page?

Update: First Things is unblocked. In a way it's a tribute to success - if you have a site with a lot of traffic you are far more likely to be hacked. But it is also a potential avenue to shut down traffic to a site of which the hacker does not approve, because links on other sites to the hacked site may cause those other sites to be marked as dangerous. One of the commenters on The Anchoress left a link to this story about another hacked site.. End Update.

That's the message I get when I try to go to http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/theanchoress/

Here's what Google has to say:
What is the current listing status for firstthings.com?

Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.

Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 2 time(s) over the past 90 days.

What happened when Google visited this site?

Of the 618 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 118 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2010-06-25, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2010-06-25.

Malicious software includes 5 exploit(s), 4 trojan(s). Successful infection resulted in an average of 1 new process(es) on the target machine.

Malicious software is hosted on 5 domain(s), including dhfyjrud321.com/, ejdueyhs123.com/, korkonvasiliy.com/.

1 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including dhfyjrud321.com/.

This site was hosted on 1 network(s) including AS26689 (LIGHTPOINT).

Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

Over the past 90 days, firstthings.com did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.

Has this site hosted malware?

No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

How did this happen?

In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.

Next steps:

* Return to the previous page.
* If you are the owner of this web site, you can request a review of your site using Google Webmaster Tools. More information about the review process is available in Google's Webmaster Help Center.

MoM- I got the same message when trying to get to Gateway Pundit.

I Googled "website firstthings.com" and saw among the results:

Gateway Pundit
(This site may harm your computer).
First Things website had a Malware attack today. We are working on the problem now. The warning messages should go away by tomorrow afternoon. ...
gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/ - 1 hour ago - Similar

as of about 11:30 pm Central time on Friday night 6/25
Dana Loesch told me it was a problem with the ads on their site. Somebody (evidently in Russia) was trying to pass malware through them.
I'm feeling a little sheepishly under-teched here, but why is Google showing malware warnings for First Things? Does Google host firstthings.com, or is something else going on?
Neil - it's just the Google protection feature. Google tracks problems with websites.

I have my Firefox set up to check with google for reported forgeries and attack sites, so it automatically gives me a message when I try to navigate to one.
WH - thanks. That was my guess, but I also wondered if it wasn't the kids playing again.
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