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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doug Update

Doug is improving slowly. No diagnosis as to what the infection is.

He is planning to start working part-time from home on Monday. I hope he takes it slowly, because I am still not back to normal. Last week was a bitch because I am increasing activity levels and transitioning back to my normal medication, which is a bit rough.

Doug also said thank you for the prayers. I'd ask for a few more, including the wisdom and the patience to take it slowly. He is on oral antibiotics, but my guess is that his own body is providing most of the infection-fighting oomph, so it is important that he rest a great deal. So wisdom, patience, and the bodily vigor to get it done. A relapse at this point would be very bad.

I have to be at SuperDoc's at 7:00 AM tomorrow. However the network problem appears finally to be fixed. The problem was the old wireless router according to tests. It is really popping now. SuperDoc is relieved. This relieves me. It is a high priority to keep the medical miracle machine up and running.

In other news, Pelosi caved and the doc fix is passed and signed. For those who don't know, the theoretical Medicare reimbursement plan was to cut doctors' fees by 21.3%. Needless to say, this is not feasible and the cut had to be reversed. Many practices aren't accepting new Medicare patients already.

I am starting to wonder if some of these viruses don't continue to lurk in the body and reoccur when given a chance. I had a mosquito bite become infected with mrsa last year. Supposedly, the antibiotics knocked it out. This year, I've had problems with cysts, not too far from the infection site. I'm starting to suspect that I may continue to have some issues with skin infections. I hope Doug is at least able to get back to work and continue to heal.
Teri - my understanding is that this is the case. That sometimes people get a low-grade, chronic infection that breaks out elsewhere.
Good news All around.Drive safely,Tom
This is definately the case. I have one that lurks in a lymph node at the back of my head on the right side, and re-emerges as a secondary infection anytime I get a serious cold.
What do the docs say about that, John? Do they know what it is?
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