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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Laughing Hard

The best joke I've seen in a while, but I guess it will never work for late night TV.

I never updated things on my networking issue!

It seems the comcast guy installed a combination modem/router gateway and the other modem was not even online which was why I had no connection! Unreal. Comcast offers an upgraded N wireless modem/router combo for free and so I placed my request for one last week. Will try it next week but until then I am stuck with crappy web connections.

All my best for you and yours, sorry things have been tough.
I have a hunch we're all going to be laughing (in a verrrry rueful way) about the layering of "financial" and "political" over all our life processes and choices ... for years to come.

(Think of the bitter Soviet Union jokes: "They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work", etc.)
Just went with Comcast here too. They told me it was a modem/router but the guy was wrong. I hooked up my old router, then cloned the pc's MAC address so that the modem would recognize it. All things working again! We had really lousy dsl, so this is a treat.
Of course, the Political and Financial layers have always been there: ARPANET was a government program and at least in theory a defense program; the commercial build-out of the Internet was undertaken by people who were strongly financially motivated.

What is going on in our society today is an attempt to meld the Political and Financial layers tightly together, such that only those who have the right political connections will be allowed to gain and keep financial success. Benjamin Franklin wrote about the dangers of combining the lust for Power with the lust for Money: I'm afraid we're going to find out just how right he was.
David - Gleichshaltung. That's what it is. Oh, they have utopian dreams, but when have utopias ever worked out?

GYC - I am glad you are back online, and I think the modem/router combo will work well for you. Put it on a UPS - it will greatly extend the life of the equipment.

A_Nonny - I'm not laughing. I haven't been laughing since 2005, when Fanny went nuts, and we all started worrying. It was in 2006 that I realized that a crash was sure, and I've been somewhat depressed ever since.

A lot of people's dreams and incomes went down the drain in this one.
Teri - I'm sure it's a relief and a half. Crappy DSL is torture.
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