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Thursday, June 24, 2010

They're Starting To Say It Out Loud

Barack Obama is a "one-term president" while the Republicans are likely to take over Congress after this year's elections, according to investor Howard Ruff, editor of the RuffTimes newsletter.
"He achieved highs no president has ever achieved before and he's plummeting at probably the worst rate of any president I've ever seen in my lifetime, and I've been around a long time," Ruff said. "My personal opinion is he will be a one-term president."
If you're surprised, Iowahawk might 'splain it to you. Bottom line, how's he going to raise money?

He will raide millions, but I think things are going sour.
I meant raise
"Take the President's economic program," I added. "We could begin noting how little it has done to revive the fortunes of East Hampton's polo outfitters. My own Argentine malletier Jorge, for exampIe, has returned to the pampas, leaving me to make do with last year's model. And if the polo equipment sector is struggling I am forced to assume that other parts of the American economy may be as well. And, although we all voiced support for Mr. Obama's plan, we should emphasize that support was merely based on what it was supposed to do. Not what it did."

Oh my, lol. I am humbled by the snarky master!

Planning meets ambition!
GYC - It requires a huge amount of money to convince people that what they see around them isn't happening. Soros-like money.

Mark - You and Iowahawk were born under the same star.
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