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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth

Despite all the problems, it still is and will remain a great country as long as we can keep our destiny in our own hands and remember that we have the opportunity and the responsibility. At least we have the chance. In this life, a chance is the best you can get, but one doesn't make much of one's chances if one doesn't recognize them.

I've always felt so lucky to be born here. The Chief feels so lucky to have been able to become a citizen. When I think of what my grandparents were born into, and what the Chief was born into, my heart and mind are filled with gratitude for my good fortune. I did not deserve it, but I can live a life that makes the most of the chances I have had.

That's why Independence Day is so important. It reminds us that all they wanted back then was the chance to do it right, and to correct the mistakes of the past. And all our history has shown that given the chance, human beings can break away from the mistakes of the past and build a better future.

Happy Independence day to us all.

And let me just say, "Amen," to your post, MOM. With each passing year my appreciation of this fair country and our founders grows.

Keeping this experiment on track has never been easy. It is still hard and reuires our constant vigilance and effort to slow and even reverse the decline we are in right now. Fortunately, we have the means of self correction through elections and the right to petition our leaders. Support, work for, and vote for candidates who support fiscal sanity.
Jimmy - You're right. It always was an experiment and always will be, and it has never been easy.

But over the long run, it sure has been worth it.
I took a little time to read the Bill of Rights today and consider how the documents written at our Nations founding are still Revolutionary after two centuries.Have a happy and safe 4th!
happy fourth of July!

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