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Friday, July 23, 2010

Totally Harrowing

We're now down to trying to ensure that the mother makes it through this intact.

I am really going all out and don't have time to sleep. Catch you guys later.

PS: Canada. Household debt. Central bank will act quickly, I think. Because Canada is doing quite well in the uptick cycle in jobs, the central bank can act and certainly should act. However this implies an additional drag on housing.

Crap. She is in my prayers,as are you. Take time to eat and rest so that you can be there effectively.God Bless,Tom
What Tom said. Take care of family. We'll be around when you get back.

Prayers and Best Wishes...take care of yourself, too.

"Time to Rally 'Round The Flag, Boys..."

Good Ole Charlie
My condolences to you and your brother's family, and I hope that your sister-in-law makes it through. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help, besides prayers.
I just realized I'd assumed the twins didn't make it, but on re-reading the post I shouldn't have made that assumption. If the twins are out of the woods, then congratulations instead of condolences!
My best wishes that your Sister-in-Law comes through fine.

Do ensure you get enough of the essentials yourself even as you do your bit.

We look forward to having you back with good news.
Oh, wow. What a horrible situation. Best wishes to all, but most especially the mom.
I hope everybody made it OK. Again, your family is in our thoughts.
Sorry for the ambiguity.

It appears that neither twin has a chance to make it. She is only at 4 months. Best recommendation is termination, but my sister-in-law can't face that. However my sister-in-law is not doing well, and we can't let her go down with the ship. This is not a case where the kids can live. She may miscarry quite shortly on her own, but if not, medical intervention will be necessary to save her life.

This is a grim situation and the details are excruciating (although some of these cases CAN be saved) so I think it is best not to go into details.

But thanks for the prayers and the good wishes. For a few days this week I was running around to doctor's offices, but mainly what I am doing now is helping to take care of their first child, a very hyperactive (but gloriously happy) toddler of 20 months.
Really a sad situation. Prayers headed out your way. It's far more important for her to live and watch her child grow up than save what can't be saved.
MOM - My condolences, it does sound like a totally harrowing situation. I hope your sister-in-law pulls through unscathed. Scary stuff, I wish you all the best.

-Reed the Viking
I'm very sorry and will keep you and your family in my thoughts.
So sorry for your loss.

Kia kaha - keep strong, MOM.
So sorry to hear this. Best to you and yours.
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