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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Crashed The US Treasury Server

I was downloading a bunch of Monthly Statements in pdf format, and the thing just went down and won't come up.

So, does this link work for you? If not, I guess they decided that I"m trying to mount a DoS attack, which is ridiculous, but I have had similar problems before with Treasury. I used to have a program that downloaded them, but I had to stop using it because they get hysterical if you download a bunch of files in succession.

I have a messed up extract file and I need to rebuild it to check it, and my backup is too old (the good copy - I have a recent copy, but it is messed up too).

If I have to use a proxy to get US tax data, I'm going to be really, really mad. And my shoulder still hurts, so I really don't need this tonight.

Link works here on firefox.
Yeah, worked fine for me. Both ASCII & PDF. Running Safari 4.0.2.

Maybe start keeping your own local versions of the back copies? I have access to an ftp server if you'd like me to download as many as I can and let you get them that way. Let me know.
A Google web search on "cache:" + the URL in question will give Google's cached version of the page (up to some size limit).
It's back up for me too.

Thanks guys. I was pretty disgusted.
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