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Monday, August 30, 2010

Just What The Economy Needed

A hurricane named Earl. Currently Cat 4 and expected to turn up the east coast.

Current forecasts don't have much probability of US coastal hurricane wind impacts except, of course, for the usual recidivists such as NC, but if you look at the tropical wind forecast, one has to wonder if it is really wise to be at the beach on much of the east coast this Labor Day weekend.

Thursday afternoon Earl is supposed to be plowing toward North Carolina, which is one of the places that stands a decent chance of hurricane force winds. And there is some chance of tropical-force winds moving inland over WVA, Maryland, Deleware and even well into Pennsylvania this weekend. So I'm thinking hanging out at the beach might not be such a good idea. This surely can't be great news for the coastal communities.

Who named this sucker anyway? If they just had tagged it with a handle like "Ernest" or "Elgin" or "Eddie" I'm sure this one would be behaving more like Danielle. But "Earl"?? Earl sounds like some guy you don't want to meet in an alley in back of the bar. Earl sounds like a bruiser who hangs out at the bar tearing up phone books for free beer. Earl the hurricane appears to be living up to the connotations of his name.

From now on, we need to get the hurricane people to put only wussy names in the queue. And as many of those names as possible should be French for extra safety margin.

The next one is "Fiona", which is also a bad pick. "Fiona" is Irish, and she's probably a red-head with a normally bad temper PMSing. Why not "Felice" or "Fanny"?

Better yet, we should change the whole scheme and make sure they all have dog names. That way they'd just bound up and lick your face a bit, shed, and then go off to chase ball. See, "Fido" would be a really good name for a hurricane.

The waves should be great. Surfers spend money too.

Who named this sucker anyway?

Be thankful that someone did. Be very, very thankful.

This is SO 2007!!!

From The Onion...

MIAMI—Thousands have already fled the popularly dubbed "Hurricane That Shall Not Be Named," to escape its destructive winds and chilling impersonality.

WASHINGTON, DC—The Must Act Now Act authorizes the federal government to take full advantage of "sensational savings" on select and already-reduced merchandise.
"Earl" reminds me of an ad campaign that a Pacific NW brewery ran in the 1980's. Earl was a none-to-bright trucker who was trying to smuggle out-of-state beer into Oregon. Somehow, that fits as a hurricane name ...

If you watch "Burn Notice" on USA Network, you get an appreciation of how destructive a Fiona can be.
Hurricane Rex ate my homework.
Hurricane my name is Earl.

Anyway, New Yorkers will pronounce it Oil anyway; maybe we're lucky it's not in the gulf.
Fido is good.

Also Flopsy, Fluffy, Fuzzy...

Personally, I think we should name them after politicians. I like the sounds of Hurricane Gingrich.
The forecast on this bad boy is not improving.

Perhaps we should change the name now, while we still can.
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