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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Earl, That Grumpy SOB

The forecast just keeps getting worse. NOAA updates here.

Earl is scheduled to take a turn north tonight, but if he doesn't make that hard right, even GA's in trouble. In the meantime, the coastal areas from SC on up had better be wary. So far only NC is supposed to get hurricane force winds.

What bothers me about this is that in our area, people are generally prepared. But the very high-density population areas further up the coast are probably not, and those people probably still aren't taking this seriously. If you get into the coastal areas, you may not be able to get out when you finally decide to do it.

PS: But Fiona wandered off into the Atlantic - lured off by some Chippendale dancers mustered for the occasion - and Gaston, who follows, has a French name. So you just have to get through Earl.

I am glad you and most of your neighbors are prepared. I live in a rural area and neighbors are neighborly. I ask for a prayer for my general welfare from those those here who have any faith, Thinga are a bit more interesting than I care for right now. I am aoof to give a neighbor a hand and enjoy their cooking after. May God bless and protect you all.

You can't honestly expect us to believe that you are more prepared than the "very high-density population areas further up the coast" are.

We need proof! And don't go dredging up old posts of yours like this one to make your point either.

It's not going to work!

How am I doing? Believable? I was really trying to nail the snark this time. I'm not confident that I pulled it off.
Mark - I suppose it's good snark, but I am too woebegone contemplating monetary policy.

Someone's bonkers? Is it me? Is it the Fed? Either option seems unpleasant....
It will veer off, cold front coming in. At least I half hope, the other half hopes that new generator (fed by natural gas underground line) will get some use!

As Calculated Risk might say, we're all bonkers now!
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