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Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Alive

I'll be back posting soon. Within the next day or so. Nothing's wrong, I just am dealing with a mass of individual family and SuperDoc issues.

In the meantime, please pray for Shtove's sister-in-law. When we last had heard from Shtove, the family (three young daughters and one anguished husband) had just been celebrating her recent clearance from breast cancer when his sister-in-law keeled over. The upshot was that she had a brain tumor. Shtove writes that the operation to remove the brain tumor was successful, but that he has gotten the impression that the doctors are not that hopeful about her long-term diagnosis.

I know just about everyone's hurting these days, but that sort of thing puts the individual anxieties and stresses in perspective, doesn't it?

Thank you for the update MoM. My prayer list just gets longer.when you have a chance to.please look at the recent posts at Naked Capitalism on the florida judges and the one about notes being destroyed or not transferred,Breathtaking.
Rahm is leaving the Whitehouse,good news for all living things.
Bite your tongue. The downside of Rahm leaving is that Rahm at least understands the political system; his successor might be quite delusional by comparison. We'll have to see.
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