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Thursday, October 28, 2010

This May Be Too Bizarre Even For Jokes

So, did you hear about the Costa Mesa realtor with the heart of gold? Befriended homeless people and even allowed one women to sleep in a car she was driving. Loved her so much, in fact, that when the lady died she just kept driving her corpse around in the car.

Really. It's like a Halloween/housing bust comedy routine gone bad.

PS: There's a story to every photo, but this is one of the odder ones to come out of the Oval Office. Look closely. Ol' Joe and Babs there on the left appear to have been doing the Monica under the desk or something of the sort. This is proof positive that bloggers should stay behind the Screen of Anonymity.

Iowahawk has the story. ABC did a tongue-in-cheek parody.

The realtor story is bizarre. We lived across the road from Mile Square Park in 1968. My son and I used to hike around it with backpacks to conditon ourselves for trips in the Sierras. Two circuits was eight miles. In those days the area was mostly strawberry fields with a few residential subdivisions. I visited there in 1993. It was solid houses and shopping malls as far as the eye could see.

Maybe the realtor was using the body as a passenger so she could drive in the HOV lane. Here in WA, people get busted for using blow-up dolls in the passenger seat to make them legal for the HOV lane. Dead people? - Not so much.
Jimmy J.,

"Maybe the realtor was using the body as a passenger so she could drive in the HOV lane."

Bah! You are forcing me into contrarian gallows humor mode. ;)

Obsessive Compulsive Procrastination Disorder

It is a lot of work to report stuff like that to the authorities! You might be in the station a good hour or more whereas baking powder requires just 15 seconds here and there.

In hindsight, I'm thinking the time in the station has gone up substantially though.

"Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried." - Author Unknown

They all look hammered.
The two on the left look like they were just rolling around on the floor doing SOMETHING. Maybe looking for their pens so they could get an autograph. That is the most unfortunate PR photo I have ever seen.
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