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Friday, January 28, 2011

Military In Cairo, Egypt Simmering

It's pretty hot out there. BBC. Haaretz has really good coverage. Al Jazeera says there is a column of tanks in Cairo. Egyptian government took down internet and phone service, which may be why protesters are trying to break into a TV broadcasting center. The news in Egypt is confusing, because some reports have protesters riding in military vehicles and cheering some of the military. I'm think the Mubarak family is not going back. If one takes these reports seriously, part of the army has gone over to the protest movement.

Also action in Jordan, Gaza, Kuwait announces it will deport foreigners who try to demonstrate. In Yemen part of the response was to raise military salaries. In Lebanon, the government is very concerned about a huge storm. So concerned, it alerted the military. There was a flood in Jeddah yesterday, though.

GDP comments below.

Update: The utility of private jets is shown once again.

One of the reasons why a standing army is not necessarily a great thing. Our founders may not have been the most prescient, but they did know history.
Yeah, they were heavy on the classics too.

From Rome on, there is a phase at which the military takes over, and money is needed to get the military's backing.
Obama seems to be saying good-bye to the present ruler and hoping his go soft on the protesters earns the U.S. a few points with the new powers. Otherwise he looks dazed and confused more D.C. caught with its pants down what me worry look, maybe he has been watching reruns of his State of the Union talk or trying to get a better seat at the NBA all star game.
There will be more consequences to the financial shenanigans that took place over the last decade that are " Unexpected". Rising food prices,income inequality,climate change,abandonment of the rule of law all have knock on effects in a highly complex dynamic system.
"More than two years after Meyers lost his job as a Las Vegas Strip bartender and nearly eight months after he exhausted his unemployment benefits, it has come to this: a careful inventory of a life's possessions and the hopeless embrace of a future as a middle-aged homeless man."
"I can't believe this is happening to my life," Meyers, 55, said on a recent afternoon, as he surveyed the one-bedroom apartment he must soon abandon. "It's a social holocaust."
Meyers, who is single and childless, is among a growing number of men and women who no longer qualify for unemployment benefits because they have been out of work for so long.
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