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Monday, February 28, 2011


One is tempted to say "You go, girl" in response to this, and also in response to President Yoda's "Lay off my union girlfriends, ya big Meanie" with the trembling lip which prompted Walker's remark.

We can only hope that they can avoid the hair-pulling and face-scratching. If we can just keep them gossiping and sniping and at separate tables in the high school cafeteria instead of getting physical....

Fortunately there are adults tackling the pressing issues of the day ... oh, wait.... Well, perhaps another day President Obama can set the tone for a "productive and serious conversation going forward." Today he failed abysmally.

I had not seen the Walker response. Not only can Obama not play with the adults, he keeps shrinking in stature when he gets involved.

Obama is the Cheshire cat without the grin.
Well - I mean WHY, Rick? Why does he do this? It's an unforced error.

If he simply said that to fix things we needed everybody at the table and that collective bargaining could be a piece of the fix, and mentioned the unions' offer to go along with the cuts WI government wants, he'd have a great many people on his side.

Instead he has to come out with this gratuitous stuff and get the inevitable sock on the chin?

I know a lot of people don't like it, but Obama is the president and he can play an important part in getting a compromise here. But he's got to get serious to do it. I believe the voters would reward him for it. You can't talk about being serious and then interweave stuff like that.
I'm always amazed when he does stuff like this, too. Usually it's the GOP leaders who need oral pedectomies.

But then I remember that this guy has never led anything. He doesn't know how to be above it all, despite a well-developed Mussolini stance and glance.

So he instinctively reverts to what he does know: faculty round table snark. When he does it, I keep thinking that someone around him must get it, and should be reining him in. But why should the lefties be immune to high-level stupidity? After all, we've been saying for years that they're full of it.
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