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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Q4 Wal-Mart Results

Badly reported in this Bloomberg article, but this is what I was waiting for. Q4 same store sales dropped 1.8%. This was way short of the company's own expectations early in the quarter, but as I noted last year, families started their shopping earlier, so later months produced disappointing results (see their own reporting):

Net sales results

Net sales were as follows (dollars in billions):

Three Months Ended

Fiscal Years Ended

January 31,

January 31,









Net Sales:

Walmart U.S.

$ 71.105

$ 71.437

-0.5 %

$ 260.261

$ 259.919

0.1 %

Walmart International



8.9 %



12.1 %

Sam's Club



4.4 %



3.5 %

Total company

$ 115.600

$ 112.826

2.5 %

$ 418.952

$ 405.132

3.4 %

See the prior post below for more on WI, businesses and the fiscal picture.

Do you think families started their shopping in September?

I am afraid it is more of the lower classes having even less available money and so spending less.

On the other hand, Home Depot was up 75% last quarter.
Rick - yes. They did. In some cases, they started in August!

They bought out of their weekly budget a bit at a time.

This year the basic costs will make the picture worse for these people; most still aren't gaining in terms of real income.

The tax raise for lower income workers in comparison to 2010 doesn't help, and inflation trends will be worsened by the large tax break for upper income families.
Modest increases. The market was not impressed. Some are saying Wal-Mart's competition is now the Dollar General Stores. Although their international sales are up, analysts are disappointed that they have not gtten any traction in China or South America.

Consumer sentiment is at a three year high. For what that's worth. Again, the market was not impressed. Libya and the price of oil is a bigger worry. High oil and gas prices could strangle this recovery befor eit get any steam up. Drat!!
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