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Saturday, March 19, 2011

2,000 Tons Of Water

That's the estimate of what they have sprayed at or on the No. 3 spent fuel pond. The capacity is 1200 tons. I have to think they've done all they can now, unless the thing is leaking so badly that all they can do is keep pouring water on the stuff. SDF is now reported to be spraying at 4.

WORM (World's Only Rational Man) is blogging on this. See this post; an interesting character with background and perspective. And unfortunately, this was correct (but microsieverts, not millisieverts). I know because there were a bunch of matching observations and it is where some of the high contamination levels were reported. Winds have a huge amount to do with exposure. Start multiplying it out, and over time these are pretty bad exposure levels.

They're slowly getting power to the reactors. The construction of the whole ensemble, including the control room, is very hardened. But looking at the rubble (quake, aftershocks, tsunami, explosions) I think it will take them some time to do anything with the power. The conditions for reconstructive work are the worst I can imagine. Maybe you have a better imagination than I do.


Dear Mom, thisllink takes you to a radiation chart that effectively puts matters into everyday perspective.


Keep at it, regards

Barry (UK reader)
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