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Sunday, March 27, 2011

But It's Only Temporary

Update: This morning NISA directs us to a reassessment of the No 2 water and a resampling of the water yesterday. One possible explanation is given at WaPo.

Will Davis at Atomic Power Review.

I'm hoping Edano's statement about the temporary nature of this problem means that it has already passed the active stage, but who knows? The statement is terribly ambiguous; once fuel has melted down it has melted down, so I am assuming this really refers to activity of the melted fuel. I don't even understand why this is news; it seems to me that we have known through most of this ongoing incident that fuel melting occurred. So maybe I'm just so stupid I'm missing something big in this announcement - that's why I think you should read Will.

Read down through Will's posts for a broader picture.

Other stuff: S. Korea has picked up Xenon, which is a marker of recent fission releases generally. However the detection has been ongoing since the 23rd. See more about Xenon and its activity. Xenon tends to build up in low-activity times; you could argue that this detection is perhaps favorable.

Fission by-products. I still think that some one more informed than I can get a lot of hints about what has been happening in the reactors from the testing results on the different pool contents. See for example Lanthanum (read to the end), and then look at the test results released. If the iodine results weren't right, maybe some of the others weren't either.

In other news, the official date of Tokyo's cherry blossoms opening is today (March 28th). May it be a good omen for them.


One of the best sites for information is MIT's Nuclear Science and Engineering dept. at mitnse.com
It's not detailed enough, though I have been reading them.

I can't say that newer numbers on 2 are that reassuring.
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