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Monday, March 21, 2011

Further Difficulties

They got power into 4!! That's the one with the live fuel rods; they'll try to set up some way of cooling it. A high-powered pump in and even a passive drain would probably do it.

Press conference: Work is scheduled to resume later.
Even though 2 & 3 are still smoking, it appears to be steam rather than combustion. They are making assessments, and will make decisions as to the work plan by noon. They are very focused on trying to get live power into 2. Radiation levels pretty stable. They are not sure about further spraying.

Work resumed. NISA press conference at NHK.

: Work has been suspended again at the plant; NISA press conference in a bit. More smoke from reactors 2 and 3. End update.

Smoke was seen at Nos 2 & 3 yesterday. TEPCO pulled out its workers briefly. Article.

After the darker smoke at 3 faded TEPCO sent people back in, but it is being announced that spraying on 3 was just halted due to further smoke. NHK is covering it right now. According to a presentation on NHK just now, yesterday afternoon there was a rise in radioactivity in the compound which has since declined.

Kyodo News is broadcasting halt of spraying as a brief.

But here is some much better news; the worker with high hourly exposures was exposed on the 14th. A lot of good info in that article.

Work on restoring power will resume on Tuesday, their time. They have been making progress at limiting radiation emissions, though. Plant radiation readings as of most of the 21st.

On the 21st, they issued a directive to take KI to:
...the directive of the administration of stable Iodine were issued to the Prefectural Governor and the heads of cities, towns and villages (Tomioka Town, Hutaba Town, Okuma Town, Namie Town, Kawauchi Village, Naraha Town, Minamisouma City, Tamura City, Kazurao Village, Hirono Town, Iwaki City and Iidate Village).
Those are all places pretty close to Daiichi.

US Armed Forces were helping with the spraying operation on 4 on the 21st. TEPCO release. I think they've had a unit in there longer, though.

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