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Friday, March 11, 2011

Poor Japan!

Lord only knows how many are really dead - 50 is probably way too low. The havoc is, in some ways, just beginning.

The Pacific Ring of Fire.... They say that as much as one third of Christchurch's building stock may be razed, and they are thinking of simply abandoning some sectors of the city.

They had 30 minutes' warning for the tsunami, which isn't enough when so many people would have been trying to recover from the shock of the quake. Whole towns were swept away.

And Christchurch showed us the difference between "modern" building standards and "earthquake resistant" standards. Modern doesn't survive. But I'm amazed how well the quake-resistant structures do.
It's a crowded country. They couldn't evacuate, especially since travel was utterly disrupted.

Death toll already up around 300.
Look for their multinational companies such
as Honda and Toyota to shift production
overseas. The question for the japanese down
the road is will that production come back to Japan ?
That is the last thing they will be worried about in
Japan now though.

Interesting video from March 9:


On his youtube channel he reckons 4 volcanos have erupted today.
Major problems at nuke plants. This has the potential to become even worse.
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