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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something Interesting

But which I do not understand. This is from the last NISA update on the Daiichi plant:
・ From 8:30 till 9:30, and from 13:30 till 14:30 on March 23rd, Niigata City Fire Bureau and Hamamatsu City Fire Bureau gave guidance to TEPCO as to the operation of large decontamination system.
I'm guessing this is a decontamination system for radiation?

Lights on at Reactor 1!

Perhaps a field-expedient decontamination station for people coming out of the hot zones. TEPCO may not have the equipment to do that in rough conditions, but large fire departments would.
There is an ominous silence this morning in Japan. It's 10:30 AM Japan time and there have been no updates from NISA, JAIF, Kyodo or anyone that I can find. Something is up.
Well, I've been watching the NISA press conference, and nothing sounds awful. Mostly the concern is about water.

All the reactors are steaming, but they say the temps are coming down on all of them.
Neil - thanks. I saw one makeshift one in pictures but it was more like a hose and trough.
Edano called for an increased in bottled water production.
TEPCO has a press release out saying that they are using an actual plant system to put seawater into No. 3's spent fuel pool. This is the FPC system.

They also say they will be putting water into the other spent fuel pools as conditions allow - whatever that means.
Off hand, Brian, I would say they might be preparing a work relay to work in some very hot conditions.

The idea is that you send people running in for a short period of time, yank them out and decontaminate them, and send in another group to pick up work on the task.

That would be why the larger-scale decontamination rig is required.
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