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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where Is Mothra?

Last on this: Kyodo has a run down on TEPCO's reported radiation levels in the afternoon at Daiichi, plus the exposure to the helicopter crews after their drops. At 1:30 the level at the administration building was 4 millisievert which was a rise from 3 millisievert measured earlier. Chopper crews netted less than 60 millisievert. These are hourly exposures. Since levels at the plant are fluctuating it is harder to know net exposures for the workers there.

There is no word on how much of the debris on the ground at Daiichi has been cleared. It must be very hard to get vehicles in. TEPCO had said earlier that one of their problems in connecting power to 5 and 6 was the rubble.

For the US, dawn will be rolling from east to west, and radioactivity levels will remain low, regardless of talk about "plumes".

But in Japan, it is Thursday evening, and the apparently ceremonial chopper drops of water on Reactor 3 were Thursday morning. The police with water cannons were next. I am not sure what happened exactly, although one suspects that it was something like a scene from "Police Academy", but the police did not actually get any water on the reactor.

Last NISA release shows negative reactor pressure on 2 at Daiichi. That's a gauge reading. 3.10 on the 17th. Last World Nuclear News update showed decreasing radiation levels on the 17th. Maybe that's why - maybe a lot was coming from No 2?? TEPCO is resuming more news releases. Update on No 3. JAIF's last reactor status update shows no reading on reactor pressure for 2. That is as of 10 PM on the 17th. Radiation levels reported in the 20-30 kilometer zone around Daiichi for the morning of the 16th. You have to pay attention to the footnotes, because three different ways of measuring radiation are being reported.

SDF got the "your mission, whether you chose to accept it or not" speech from Kan, and spraying of water from the ground has just recently started. Kyodo News reports rising radiation. Presumably that's due to radioactive steam. NHK should have live coverage.

30 tons according to NHK. TEPCO says the water hit the target and that there was a steam release. They will try again tomorrow. TEPCO also says they are getting much closer to connect the outside power cable. Once they get power, they can maybe get the pumps on 5 and 6 working, which would help to cool the ponds there. But it will not help at 3 and 4.

Another quake, fortunately lower intensity, at 9:32 their time 5.8 magnitude estimated. Major train disruptions.
9:55 another quake, lower magnitude.

Momma . . stick to economics.

If you want a dispassionate, non-Kaku type account of what's going on . . .

Fred - lemme change that to an active link:
Brave New Climate.

I don't think the overhead water drops are a good idea, although if they did knock much of the roof over 4 maybe it will be easier to get water into that pool with the hot and more active fuel.

But think about it - each one of those drops is going to knock more rubble onto the ground. The water cannon might work better. I presume by now they have lined the cabs with lead.
This morning (evening their time) we have already had two quakes.

These are the worst possible conditions.
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