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Friday, March 18, 2011

ZAMG Plume Page

This is the Austrian Meteorology's fallout page for Daiichi. (Zentralinstalt fuer Meteorologie und Geodynamik).

There are animated maps. For English speakers, there is this link. Read that first to get an idea of what the color coding means, then go back to the first link and look at the maps. Basically the orange areas would be worrisome mpacts only if exposure at those levels were very prolonged. The winds have been very favorable; the end of the future projection shows an unfavorable shift in the winds by Sunday. The violet (second from right) probably marks a potential of adverse impacts at exposures of a month or two. It varies hugely though. A huge range of possible exposures is shown for each color on this map.

The basic point is that the Japanese are working under a time threat; they are trying to ratchet down emissions (and reported emissions at the plant are now in the microSievert ranges) so that they do not increase areas of land exposure.

The rightmost (red?) scale is the top. As you go left it diminishes. The leftmost is 100 nanosieverts. 1 millisievert = 1,000,000 nanosieverts.

100 millisieverts an hour is the upper range of the top.

There are 8,765 hours in a year. 168 hours in a week. Thus 876,500 nanosieverts in a year = .9 milliS, probably 1/3rd of the dose that the lowest-exposed Americans get annually. Many get much more.

The area of potential adverse impact is still very small and very local. Exposures to people outside of the color coded areas would be in the picoSieverts. 1 milliSievert = 1,000,000,000 picoS. Possibly the US needs a new surgeon general.

Background on the Japanese efforts and results.

The U.S., Russia, France, and England set off hundreds of atomic bombs in the atmosphere during the 50s and 60s when I was growing up. This had no adverse effect. Both my heads are healthy.
And I, for one, find the radioluminescence a real help for those night time ambles.

Not only does it help me find my way without a flashlight, but zombies freak and run.
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