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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boeing Again

It's difficult to describe my shock at the National Labor Relations Board action with regard to Boeing. Every time I contemplate this story I feel sick. I feel like I am watching one of those lemmings running over a cliff cartoons.

Fortunately, I need not barf my way through a long post about it, because Carl at No Oil For Pacifists did. I recommend reading the post and clicking on at least ten of the many links involved if you don't think this is a big deal. It's disaster.

And more disaster. One of these (Shell no-drill) I wrote about, one of these (Lizards from hell) I did not. Read about the cherished lizards at Chicago Boyz.

But of course, all those green energy jobs are working out so well. For China.

David Foster wrote:
The United States Government is currently not being run by adults.
No - it's being run by Paul Ehrlich ideologists. Ehrlich notably failed to come up with the environmental disaster he so frequently predicted. Fortunately for Paul, the government is going to produce the economic effects that the environmental disaster would have caused. Happy, happy Paul Ehrlich.

I live in Renton, WA. If I was Boeing, I'd be trying to relocate too.

April 14, 2011
Boeing shuffles defense workers around Kent, Renton

"We're not laying anybody off anymore," said Boeing spokeswoman Kimberlee Beers.

See! Nothing to worry about. *sarcasm*

Despair.com: Propaganda

"What lies behind us and lies before us are small matters compared to what lies right to our faces."

My word verification is "beersor". Wow. This thing really works. Note that the Boeing spokeswoman is named Beers. The word verification has added an "or" to her name. I think it might be justifiable.
Mark - I am not anti-union. Boeing isn't laying off 787 workers in Everett. It is just expanding its SC plant.

For unions to work effectively, they have to have checks and balances also. Otherwise we will see a repeat of the long sad history of complacent unions in this country.
Thanks, NLRB, for the heads-up. If you're going to start a company, make sure to do it in a right-to-work state. [shrug]

I'm not anti-union either. That said, if work can be done cheaper elsewhere then it generally will (eventually).
If the Federal government can tell a company where they can locate, why don't we just change the name of the country to the United Socialist States of America? (USSA)

The NRLB has gone way over the line on this one. When will the citizens rise up and say, "No more?" Arrrgghh!!!
Mark - well "cheaper" in overall cost isn't necessarily cheaper in up-front cost.

People spend an awful lot of money dealing with production problems from some outsourcing.

My theory is that if we want production jobs in this country, it is not that we can't have unions, but that we can't hand unions a tool to run companies into the ground.

Boeing could simply fire most of these people and outsource most of it; I don't think they'd like the end results, but if keeping this production here gets too expensive, that's exactly what they'll do.
Jimmy J said " ... When will the citizens rise up and say, "No more?" ... "

I'm afraid that in our Brave New World, mere taxpaying citizens don't have standing to protest. Ours is not to reason why, ours is just to pay taxes till we die. (And if a few malcontents who don't know what's good for them should try to mount a protest, they'll be ignored by the Monolithic Media and our Elite Ruling Class).

PS-word verif = "garuff" ... am I sounding garuff enough?
Like a crime-fighting dog!!

But then I think most honest people are "garuffing" these days.
Thanks for the shout-out; and the NLRB complaint is outrageous.
(From 10 miles away from the Everett Boeing plant) With the award of the 767 tanker contract as well as the latest update of the 747 (747-8) about to roll-out in addition to the 787, there isn't much room for additional production in Everett, nor do I believe do they have land for significant expansion.

As Mark points out, the timing of the announcement is interesting from another angle: after the above programs go to production, the next big issue on Boeing-Commerical's plate is a replacement for the 737 (737-next). The Boeing-Renton plant (site of narrow-body manufacturing) is small and has even more limited expansion space than Everett. Boeing has been talking about building a new narrow-body manufacturing campus and requiring major subs to co-locate as part of that program after being burned on the 787. I'd wager the odds of someplace like Brazil are looking better and better.
Soviet - which is exactly what the US does not need, but I concur.

It is very likely that the next plant will be built outside of the US.
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