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Friday, April 01, 2011

By Day, A Mild-Mannered Preschool Teacher

By evening, a well-armed assassin seeking to redress the wrongs of 300,000 starving WI teachers. More.

Yes, this lady is a preschool teacher, although not a public school teacher. Wexford Head Start, which seems to be a private preschool. I did not believe this story so I started hunting, and sure enough. The pics and the television news match.

What's strangest about that is that she threatened not just the legislators but their families. It's all about the kids!

I had this totally wrong. I figured the culprit would be young, female, writing with a few drinks under her belt. Okay, that seems right. But I did not figure the perp would be a person working with kids, rather I envisioned the perp as the aggrieved, mentally unstable, child of a teacher.

However mentally unstable is probably a good bet, but with a nasty turn. Sending death threats under another person's name might really be aimed at that other person, not the purported targets. This is a person who can't handle alcohol. I suppose it seemed a brilliant strategy at the time.

Somehow I do not feel NPR will spend four weeks interviewing representatives of the Southern Poverty Law Center about this particular event, unless it turns out that this can be linked to Sarah Palin. Ready, Set, Go - Six Degrees Of Sarah Connection starts NOW.

In the meantime (when I think Palin I immediately think of Andi), Andi Sullivan's much-publicized break up with Barry is final, which shows that Sullivan has some integrity when he can escape the black hole of his Palinmania:
And this is the key difference between "Birthers" and "Trig Truthers". There is evidentiary proof that the Birthers are completely wrong. We have no proof of the maternity of Trig Palin - and no journalist has ever asked her to explain the circumstances of her fifth alleged pregnancy. And it would be as easy to provide as a birth certificate.
Some things just can't stay proven. There is also no evidence to prove that Sarah Palin is not a space alien. If Sarah's progeny are really reproducing at the rate of two babies in nine months, this seems a definite possibility which should be further investigated. The investigation should be done quickly, because in less than a century, they will have generated a population large enough to challenge humankind for dominion of the Earth. Watch the skies!!! And the strollers!!!

I suppose we are all a little bit nuts, but that only convinces me that tyrannies can't be efficient. What's non-lethal in any one of us, and indeed can provide some necessary comic relief (not to mention an excuse to look at cute baby pictures) would be horrible in an omnipotent head of state.

Thus I am concerned about the Imperial Presidency. It just keeps getting more imperial all the time while Congress becomes more and more ineffectual. If it were not that Our Boy Barry in Hawaii were basically wandering around in circles waiting for someone to tell him what to do so that he can go back on vacation, I fear we'd be in deep trouble. I'm waiting for the horse to show up in the Senate.

This may be why the idea of Donald Trump as a serious presidential candidate makes me react about as Andrew Sullivan does when faced with the Palin Peril. My soul is filled with angst at the thought; the angst is so great that it cannot be analyzed. It must be principally emotional and unreasonable. So this is one of my little pockets of personal insanity.

The only reason I can advance for my reaction is that the epic ego of the Towering Trump when combined with a Congress that wants only to pretend to be a Congress would be dangerous. Trump might really decide to be an Imperial President.

You are in fine form today.
"The only reason I can advance for my reaction is that the epic ego of the Towering Trump when combined with a Congress that wants only to pretend to be a Congress would be dangerous."

Fine form indeed!
You want an argument against President Trump? I'll give it to you in two words: Mayor Bloomberg.
Drone pictures and other updated hi res photos from Japan Nuclear site:

I've seen 'em, Ron. They are very detailed.

A warning to others; they are not reassuring. If you're the panicky type, skip them.
Let's hope that it doesn't come to a choice between Trump and Obama. Maybe Trump will screw up soon, and save the oxygen for somebody else.
Writing about political types and what we would like to do to them from time to time, this fun little science fiction book came out about the State of Texas heading off into outer space to a planet of their liking which included the ability to shoot any politician they didn't like!

A Planet for Texans [Kindle Edition]
Henry Beam Piper (Author)
Ron - H. Beam Piper and the Fuzzies.

I am afraid that Piper is anything but politically correct. I just read his "Uller Uprising" and rolled around laughing for hours trying to imagine it as required reading at Princeton University. Ah, the bliss.

I think the book you are discussing was published as "Lone Star Planet" originally.
Yeah, found it.
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