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Monday, April 25, 2011

I Have Vanished

Into the bowels of StatPlanet.

Just to prove that I do know an outside world exists, here's a new CA poll on public employee pensions. Article. Methinks the drum people will have to move west for the summer.

Given the sharp difference in 2008 presidential voting between whites/latinos, it is remarkable how little difference between the two groups shows on most of the opinion questions.

This is not a luxury our country can afford.

If too many people vanish into the bowels of StatPlanet, our national productivity will fall. ;)

My word verification is "veorized". I suspect it means that someone ate the "ct" from vectorized in response to rising gas and food prices.
Well, they can't eat an iPad II, so it's down to the consonants. They are not bad if you boil them and add a little lemon and pepper.
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