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Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger just doesn't know whether it is a go or not, and Blogger apparently does not like the snarku.

In a weird turn of events, apparently the Althouse blog has been taken down by Google, rather than just disappearing into the Blogger vortex like all the rest of us.

But here she is again, so I would recommend reading her even if you don't read her. There seems to be some kerfuffle about a post in which a gay man commented about a law school candidate dean's tits, thus displaying the "terrifying cesspool of misogyny and homophobia" that so concerned this law professor. He is apparently the only person in the United States who does not know that the charmed circle of credentialed PCism that dominates in legal academia is viewed as hysterically funny, at best, by all the rest of us.

Posts lost, overgrown
Blogger overwhelmed by snark
New posts will blossom
Nice Neil!

I thought they took all the blgs down to hide my idea for Cipher Twitter.
dangerous content
censor maxed out mama now
before snark gets us
sarcasm chasm
the hole of unholiness
raptured blogalapse
Blogger Tease
But they would not stop
Irrepressibly snarking.
Google, foiled again.
there once was a poster named foo
who knew fun poems rhyme as a rule
he thought it might be-a-kick
to write up a limerick
which proves they're more fun than snarkfu
count the syllables
add and remove to comform
haiku so not fun
Heh. As the kids say these days, "Blogalapse" FTW!
Foo - We are kindred spirits! There is no doubt (IMO) that limericks are the highest form of poesy in the English language.

But we need a name for this game.

May I nominate "snickerick" for economic commentary in limerick form? Or for that matter political - an awful lot of politics is about economic idiocy these days. Whether it is the brilliant idea of balancing the budget by starving old folks to death or whether it is touting Medicare cuts in health care reform without noting that in other pieces of legislation, we put back the funding due to the fact that some old folks already can't find doctors to accept Medicare, the field is limitless.
There once was a bank of the Fed,
That struck the hearts of the poor with dread,
They jacked up their bills,
To spare rich folks some ills,
And thus sent stock losses to the "ill-bred".
while the fun mostly comes from the rhyme
a limerick must also mark time
the meter should not stray
from a a b b a
else one writes an unspeakable crime

yours fixed up a bit:

There was once a bank know as the Fed,
That struck hearts of the poor with much dread,
They inflated their bills,
To spare rich folks some ills,
Sending stock losses to the "ill-bred".

Note that limericks are typically read with anapaest meter. Though there is some flexibility in this regard, it is worth trying to have somewhat consistent meter within a given limerick. I didn't change the number of syllables in your second line, but still felt compelled to change the line because it was way too hard to read it as "that struck *THE* hearts of *THE* poor with *DREAD*" because "the" does not like to be emphasized.
typo: "know" -> "known"

(where's the edit button?)
there's a man with morales very skanky
who does economic hanky panky
the people caught wind
now the verdict is in
wanted dead or alive: Ben Bernanke
A limerick is good for a grin.
In rhymes they're on top FTW!
But like jazz, if we do
as Miles taught us, haiku
is what's pruned, not what stays in.
Foo - your effort is a true snickerick.

Neil - the snarku are easier to write, but the cultural and historical connotation of limericks suits the topic better. Limericks are rude and crude; the truths we have to tell are likewise.

If you two would like to continue the debate in the poetic format of your choice, I am MORE than willing to be an overjoyed spectator.

(But I do admit to a sneaking desire to see an epic saga of economic travail induced by economic idiocy in limerick stanzas.)
nasty snickerick attempt

there once was a man named Bernanke
in love with the big banks most greedy
we were promised some change
by our Fed's Doctor Strange
but was cheap love still left? yes, f*** me!

the debt's rise was outrageous of course
but our bankers felt little remorse
the foreclosures began
on inflated prime sand
but is cheap food still left? yes, it's horse!
I should have said "deflated" prime sand. Although the prime sand certainly did inflate, it was the deflation that ended the party.
I love the idea of an economic blog that breaks out into poetry!
credit is red
consumers are blue
sugar is cheap?
who do we sue!
Mark - let them eat cake! (Unfortunately we can't afford the flour and eggs, so maybe we can just have handfuls of sugar.)

See, the peons were complaining about not being able to find tasty iPad recipes, so now you got cheap sugar (cinnamon sugar iPads for breakfast), and still you complain.
There's a godawful high tarriff on sugar. You can have high-fructose corn syrup instead.
Why thank you, John. I have to inform you that the cost of grits is still an economic drag; breakfasting off syrup didn't even work for John Daly, much less a middle-aged me.
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