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Monday, May 09, 2011

I'm Sure This Is A Character Defect

But I have fallen in love with Portlandia.

Assistant Village Idiot started me on my dark, desperate slide into the hell of addiction. He's got a great one, but I think this clip is great!
It pains me to imagine you not knowing her journey!

It pains me to admit there are people like that in this area.
There is something about the Pacific Northwest that......twists the brain. I blame it on a lack of sun and/or the umremitting cool humidity. It is another universe here that attempts to parallel San Francisco for bizarro.

Mostly they are harmless, but may eventually become dependents of the state. And therein lies the tragedy.
Jimmy J.,

I live in the Pacific Northwest.

My girlfriend refers to me as a "mole" person because I tend to want less light than her. She grew up in the South.

I am mostly harmless though. Let me be clear on that.

If my nest egg runs dry prematurely because we hyperinflate and/or default outright on our debt then I might want some government assistance at some point in the future. I'm just saying that I wouldn't turn it down if our monetary system financially ruins me.

I forget the point I was trying to make here. It has been kind of chilly here this evening and my mind tended to wander a bit. Sorry about that. ;)
Mark - my theory (I have so many of them!) is that you are naturally set to conditions where you grew up.

So I do not thing Pacific NW weather would twist the brain of anyone who was native to that area. But I am convinced it would twist my brain!
"Mark - my theory (I have so many of them!) is that you are naturally set to conditions where you grew up."

This is probably true. Perhaps "mole" person is like "bunker" person and that would explain my desire to constantly prepare for an economic winter storm!

In a related story, I'm having one of those weeks. An articulate heckler has found my silver vs. aluminum post and is pretty much convinced I'm full of mole droppings. Maybe history will show that I was, but the higher the price of silver goes (relative to other things I use), the less I tend to want to own it.
I'm not a native. I'm basically a wanderer. (Have lived all over the U.S.) We ended up here because my wife needs the humidity and I need the mountains. (Though less and less as the years fly by.)

Egad, the sun is peeping through this morning. No rain......yet.

Silver is in the grips of a mania. Long term the coins are probably a better investment than the bullion because when the kaka hits the propellor they will be useful for making daily purchases. For a guide to what may happen here Google "Living through the Argentine monetary crisis" and start reading. Barter and hard money like silver coins in small denominations are most useful. A black or unofficial market is created almost immediately and people scrape by in that manner. Guns, ammo, and the abilituy to use them are important for those in the country to defend their property from looters. In the cities and towns, the law abuiding citizens set up their own local defense forces to discourage lawlessness.

Let's hope it doesn' happen here. But I have a couple bags of silver coins that I bought back in the 70s and have held onto for insurance.
It's very simple. It's May. We are having temps in the mid 60s with an occasional day without rain. It's enough to cause dementia in the strongest.

And yes, we also love Portlandia and it is all too true. I do confess that I like the idea of trying to build neighborhoods where everything you need is within a 20 bicycle ride.

I am wondering when they will get around to doing a segment at Rapid Cash, where you can check out everyone's awesome tattoos!
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