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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Foray Into Bad Poetry...

...was partly prompted by the spectacle of various people who are supposed to be authorities running around claiming that the sky is going to fall if Congress doesn't extend the debt limit.

In particular, Geithner's remarks about a double dip recession (we are out of double dip territory, for one thing) struck me as a remarkable piece of CYA. Another contraction will be triggered by rising costs, not by Congress sitting around and debating this through mid-July.

We reached the debt limit today; Treasuries responded by going lower, and the sky is hardly falling. Mortage rates are going to drop a bit because of this, and it will be a welcome relief for the extremely stagnant housing market.

Let Them See Yams!

falling sky syndrome
a lurking thanksgiving meal
wolves cry in the fall

servings of despair
turkeys stuffed with borrowed bread
cooked with ethanol

infinite rations
enjoy the colorful yams

Just trying to do my part to make sure earth retains the galazy's worst haiku rating. ;)
We R overachievers!

Speaking of overachievers...


Snark is imminent!

Ken Fisher is at it again.

I take great comfort in both Ken Fisher and Jeremy Siegel agreeing that higher oil prices pose no threat to the U.S. economy. Great comfort.
Ken Fisher taught me a lot about investing. Mainly that one can do well by doing the opposite of what he recommends. I have been a long time Forbes subscriber and his stock market punditry in that mag has been comedic in how wrong he has been since 2001. And spectacularly wrong at times as per his prediction about housing in 2007 that you provided, Mark.

There was a wise man named the Bernank
Who was the head of our national bank.
When deflation became a great risk
He used the printing presses quite brisk.
But our economy continued to tank
And many decided his solution stank.

Never fear said he,
We'll go on a spending spree,
And use the instrument of inflation.
All to save this great nation.

So investors and bond vigilantes
They all upped their antes
In commodities and gold
As inflation hedges most bold.

This sad tale is not yet come to an end.
When it does will we have anything spend?
Jimmy J,

An Automated Forex Trading spammer thinks our poetry is garbage? Woohoo! We've secured our place in galactic history! Hahaha!
The NO SPAM policy has been enforced.

As to the poetry, we agree that it is bad. It is, however, not as bad as the musings of the econopundits, and I think we deserve credit for responding with doggerel instead of obscenity.
Gee, what a concept. Supply of Treasuries is constrained, so the price goes up.
Neil - we are waiting for the world to collapse as we have been promised it will.

So far, all that has happened is that IMF officials have stopped chasing maids around hotel rooms. It SEEMS survivable.
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