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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Fukushima Disaster Alert

The probability is that this will be explained and turn out not to be horribly threatening, but the sudden drop in water level in the Reactor 1 basement is not currently explained to my knowledge, and the hypotheses are missing one obvious cause.

Note: TEPCO was already monitoring subsurface water, and yes, there was contamination.

Update to add from this JAIF document, which is a compendium of NHK stories written on news conferences:
It adds that water levels have been falling in the basement of the No.1 reactor since Tuesday evening, possibly because of steam and evaporation. Radiation levels remain too high to determine the reason first hand.

The firm is gauging radioactivity in underground water around the No. 1 reactor and checking if radioactive water is leaking from the building.
I found that theory interesting! The water in the basement is boiling off???? I bet it is too radioactive to go in there!

But you missed the most important story! coffee grounds Maybe they can take up the slack caused by the down nuke plants if they can only get enough coffee grounds.
Teri - they'd better be USED coffee grounds. Otherwise it is sacrilege!
I know this is off topic but since you are talking disasters. Let me quote from a letter I received today.

"Did you know that 6,839 girls enrolled as freshmen in 2006-2007 in the DISD (Dallas Independent School District, Texas) and only 2,836 of these original freshmen girls remained enrolled by their senior year in 2009-2010? That is a drop of 4003 girls during a three year peiod.

And only 55% of the girls who graduated in 2010 were considered college ready in English Language Arts and 58% in Math."

It is going to take a big economic turndown to change the entitlement attitude in the US. This should give you enough blood pressure to finish off the wood for the entire winter.

Learner - but are they transients? A lot of people make the assumption that these are all dropouts, but in areas with immigrant populations, that is unlikely to be true.

These types of statistics aren't usually very reliable - in many cases, these are kids who have moved to another school system.

Now the college-ready rates in the 50s ARE a concern!

Sadly, I would tell you that a great many are NOT transients. While DISD does incorporate a lot of the poorer sections of town, I would bet that more leave school for economic conditions (help support the household) than leaving to pick a crop elsewhere. This is really going to bite us in the form of a poorly educated workforce just as the many baby boomers retire and other boomers compete with them for jobs at Walmart. This is truly depressing.

Thanks again for all the work you put into your blog. You really give a lot of good insight. God Bless you and the Chief with good health!

Another daily dose of crisis economics. Egad, I think I know now what it must have been like in Rome when Nero fiddled while the city burned. The President and Congress keep delaying necessary fiscal policy while the economy tumbles back into the ditch.

Roubini, in his book, "CRISIS ECONOMICS," says the recovery could be U shaped or, with stupid policy, W shaped.

I keep repeating to myself, "We're not Argentina!" Do I believe it? It's getting harder.
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