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Friday, June 17, 2011

We Are All Hmong Now

NY, Geese, Food:
Mass culls to clear the geese from the area were authorised after the National Transportation Safety Board positively identified the remains of Canada geese in the engine of the aircraft.

The city will pay for the capture and transport of the geese to facilities in Pennsylvania where they will be prepared for consumption and distributed to Pennsylvania food banks, a spokesman for the city's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said.
If you are wondering, the officials couldn't find anyone in NY to take the geese, kill the geese, prepare the geese, and cook the geese. It will be high quality protein although a bit tough.

I believe Sarah Palin has a chili recipe that might help....

Ah, but the pate will be terrific. Oh wait, you can't serve that in Chicago and, probably, New York.
Must... resist.. temptation..


I blame geese austerity and the repression of the pheasant class!! Rioting is for the birds.

Why not just mix geese in with corn? It seems silly to spend energy cooking geese when they could be fueling the very things that they are attempting to destroy.


I tried to resist. Mostly.
More info here. What I find most (un)surprising is that anyone feels a special "regulatory framework" is needed to prepare and eat a goose. I mean, don't we already have food safety and handling laws? Aren't they sufficient to cover geese?
This top down burecratic thing is going for MAJOR FAIL soon.

Anarchists know how to cook a goose.
If too tough for human preferences, why not offer the meat as food for zoo animals? Surely our lions, tigers, and bears (and crocodiles, foxes and panthers) would think "Yum, yum, delicious!"

Or pet food for kitties and dogs with delicate stomachs, or allergies.
In my local park in the UK there's a sign warning us not to feed the Canada geese - it says they poop every six minutes.

My niece calculates that a flock of 50 will poop per second at the rate of ... alot.
Well, this particular flock took down a passenger plane, which is even worse than the highly slippery surfaces that can develop. Geese eat a lot and excrete a lot.
WH - I DON'T KNOW. It's a little odd from my perspective, but then I am from a more rural background than the big city.

You kill them and prepare them pretty much like a turkey! Admittedly you can't mix game flocks with domestic birds.
In my local park in the UK there's a sign warning us not to feed the Canada geese - it says they poop every six minutes.

At my office building a couple of twenty-somethings prepared a salad and placed it in a bowl next to the goose that was sitting on her eggs. Of course geese don't eat that stuff. One of the best laughs I ever had though.

Part of the reason for the increase in geese is the obsession with lawn care at public and corporate facilities. Geese love to eat manicured grass. If there's an abundance of geese let the grass grow about 5 inches more and they won't eat it. Plus you save on all that labor.
Back in the 70s my brother and his wife lived near a park in west Denver that had a lake with lots of carp, geese, and ducks. Vietnamese refugees were moved into an area nearby and it only took them two years to decimate the fish and fowl. Oh yeah, if you're hungry and poor, those geese (and carp) are mighty tasty. Of course, the environmentalists were outraged, but the Vietnamese did most of their foraging in the very early morning or at night. Not many saw what was going on. By the time they understood what was happening, the "food" was far gone.

We have a major problem with Canada Geese here in Puget Sound. Huge populations of non-migratory, resident geese have settled on many lakes in the area. The PETA people won't stand for killing them, so they are trying a program to render them sterile to reduce their numbers. Don't know how that's working. Have not heard much about them in the last year. Maybe the failing economy will bring some poachers into the picture. Goose chili, sounds good.
Jimmy - Haven't the local authorities ever heard of a thing known as "hunting season"? Or is it that they just find it barbaric?

?????? It's got to be easier to issue some hunting licenses (for which people will pay) than to run around trying to pop birth control pills down their beaks.

Far more natural, too.

Naturally, geese and other waterfowl have predators, but we've removed most of those.
MOM, these progressive types can't stomach hunting.

In Oregon, the progressives banned hunting cougars using dogs in 1994. Naturally, with the primary means of population control removed, we have more cougars ... to the point that they are becoming a problem.

So now, instead of having people pay for the privilege of hunting the cougars, Oregon pays to deal with problem cougars.

In a rare bipartisan outbreak of sanity, the Oregon House passed a bill this spring that would partially overturn the 1994 initiative. Counties that request hunting could have hunts again.

The bill is stalled in the Senate.
Well, there's at least one NY politician who is learning about having his goose cooked.
MOM asks, "Haven't the local authorities ever heard of a thing known as "hunting season"? Or is it that they just find it barbaric?"

Yep, too barbaric. We are under the thrall of non-hunting of cougars and bear here in Washington as well. The bears and cougars are becoming problems and the Fish and Wildlife spend a lot of money trapping and relocating problem animals.

So much more "civilized." PETA and their allies know what's best don'cha know.
Fortunately here in Minnesota hunting is part of the culture. The city libs probably don't like it, but they keep their views quiet. Deer hunting opener is a very good day to stay in town. We had a meaty duck carcass left over from dinner last night, so the wife stripped it and made duck hash for breakfast. Holy cow, was that good! I imagine I could smoke and slow roast one of those geese into a serious feast.
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