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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Could Have A Bright Future

If we can remove our heads from our navels and decide to exploit the resources we have. A Mauldin letter with which I happen to substantially agree. We will pick up manufacturing back from China, we can become self-sustaining with oil with relatively little liberalization on drilling/exploitation parameters, and we have a much better structural economic basis in regard to food.

However, currently none of our policies work toward this future.

Here's our future in a photo.
Sorry MOM, but your bright future of enhanced prosperity for Americans is not what the ruling class elites want - their vision of a bright future is a green economy, and they are willing to impose huge costs and destroy many jobs to attain it.

Likewise, the elites have seen the bright future, and it certainly will never come about by allowing private citizens to, in effect, decide where investment should flow. No, the elites, from the President on down know with certainty where the future lies; and private industry will never lead us to their bright future, only yours.

As they have done with healthcare, and finance, the ruling class wants complete regulatory control of the economy, because they want to impose their bright future on the nation, and will not return the power to the people willingly and without a fight.

Sad to say, but your bright future is not possible, until regulatory power is taken from the Federal governmnet and the present ruling class of central planners in Congress, and the Presidency, is replaced with those having a true, Reaganite, hands off approach to commerce, industry, our healthcare, and all other fields of endeavor.

How many voters realize the true peril of the situation we are in, and will vote the central planners out?
I have been pretty consistent in pointing out the need to return this country to a wealthh producing (resource extraction, manufacturing, and coherent energy policy) nation. I'm glad thaty smarter people than I are saying the same things.

I agree with Anonymous @2:31. The government, NE elites, and uninformed (or misinformed by the MSM) voters are the barriers that need to be overcome.

Too few citizens have the time or inclination to dig out the necessary information and they sure ain't gonna to get it on the 6 o'clock news. Well, onward and upward to the Brave New World.
You guys are so cheerful....
MOm says, "You guys are so cheerful...."

Yeah, I'm bummed. Market's up two days running and I'm mostly on the side lines. A dead cat bounce or the beginning of a summer rally? Mr. Market is holding his cards pretty close. However, IBD says the market is in all out distribution.

Well, you can't get burned watching from the side lines, but it doesn't make you gleeful when you realize that with some proper policies in place, we could be looking at a secular bull market and some real growth of the GDP.
Swimming in rivers just got a whole lot brighter where I live. The chance of drowning has gone down significantly.

"Well, you can't get burned watching from the side lines"

If you hold US dollar denominated anything, then strictly speaking you really aren't on the sidelines and the burn you are experiencing is the slow steady kind designed to take a pound of your flesh without most people realizing what's going on.

"You guys are so cheerful...."

If you want us to be like you, first you'll have to share whatever it is you're smoking. I thought I was reading The Onion for a while there.

"How many voters realize the true peril of the situation we are in, and will vote the central planners out?"

And the answer to that question is: We are screwed.

I try to not kill that little bit of hope left in me that sees some people waking up to the critical missteps our country has made. But reality has been beating it to a bloody pulp for so long...
Foo - I think the average participant in this economy is becoming very, very tired of our "Beat the donkey" approach.

Admittedly, we are currently on a greased slide.

I would still rather be the US than China. More options. The Chinese have the edge right now because they are less complacent, but that may not last long.
MOM, didn't know how else to contact you, so hoping you see this comment.

I was wondering if you saw Mike Rowe's segment on CNBC today (June 22,2011)?


I found his observations very interesting and quite uplifting, actually. My reaction is partly because of my farm background, though :)

Would be interested in your reaction, if you had time.

Thank you, as always.
quote: "Beat the Donkey" comes from the Brazilian expression "Pau Na Mula!" meaning, "Let's go, let's do it!"
(google it)

If by "donkey" you are referring to democrats, then note that this is not a democrat vs republican thing (even if there is some correlation it's no where near 1). This is a statist / central planner vs individual liberty thing. Those who would rule our lives and claim the fruits of our labor as their own rather than just let us live peacefully as we wish need to be deposed.

"I would still rather be the US than China."

So the hell we are heading into won't be as bad as the hell China is heading into? That doesn't provide as much comfort as you seem to think.

And it's not just about being less complacent. The Chinese people don't get to vote themselves "free" shit and do not have the sense of entitlement that apparently goes with that. They don't expect as much out of life (so work for less). They aren't buried under the same level of regulations. Their country is not burdened with a massive debt that will go critical the instant interest rates go up. And their central planning might even be better than our central planning because at least there the central planners don't have to really answer to the whims of a functionally retarded population.
Foo - with regard to the "donkey", I was not thinking of politics at all. I was referring to the idea that the people and businesses who do a lot to keep this country running day by day tend to get beaten into a pulp by policies which are really aimed at a very small group.

The disconnect is now so extreme that the Bernank could give a press conference stating that he really doesn't know why the economy is slowing if it is not slowing due to external shocks, and presidential commissions on economic growth come out with recommendations like "create jobs".

This stuff would be funny if the reality weren't so dire.
Tim - I was shocked! That interview was extraordinary. It almost makes me want to watch the show.

It's a bad thing when the only people who can sense the fundamentals of our problems are show people.
"the idea that the people and businesses who do a lot to keep this country running day by day tend to get beaten into a pulp"

Can't disagree with that. I have several business ideas I would really like to pursue myself (and I have the necessary skills and capital) but I am way more than a bit hesitant to subject myself to the insane (and fiscally/legally dangerous) rube-goldberg style mine-field that has been created. Might as well jump into a running tree chipper. Every time I hear some politician or pundit claiming that this doesn't really hurt business, that it's just some lie or hyperbole made up by "the other side", there arises a certain desire in me to commit violence.
If you want to hear more of Mike Rowe's take on work, he gave a TED talk a couple years back:
Thanks. I do!
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