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Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

As every American knows, the proper way to celebrate the Fourth of July is with EXPLOSIONS.

Unfortunately, due to drought conditions some of us are limited in exploding scope. So:

Fargo, ND:

My favorite celebration is in Skamania County, where they can no longer afford to have a local show put on by professionals. Everyone brings their own fireworks to the local park and they put on their own show. It's pretty exciting as there's stuff going off in all directions. Some one is sure to set off a bit of dynamite too, just for fun. Usually, it's cold enough you need to at least wear a hoodie, but they might get a warm day today.
Teri - in GA usually, it's about the same scene. I love it. Everyone just starts shooting them off as it gets dark, and there are fireworks all around the farm. Some are really beautiful.

Unfortunately, not this year because there would be fires. I'm a kid when it comes to fireworks.
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