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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got Power

The only road that gives access is still out, but I have been driving around the barricades so I don't see this as more than an inconvenience. This is why I would never buy a really nice car. My theory is that a car is a tool for transportation, and I never want to avoid driving over a heap of gravel on a washed-out road just because I'm afraid the car will get dinged up. Mud on your license plate helps, because they were ticketing people.

No, it wasn't all hype. Just got power back an hour ago. I've already cleaned the bathroom (somewhat), the refrigerator, done the dishes and I'm working on laundry.

You might wonder about bathing, but I spent two and a half hours earlier tonight, while it was still light, boiling water and taking a bath that way. I also washed my hair. I was just lying in bed feeling sort of clean, and marveling at the wonder of it, when THE MIRACLE HAPPENED.

I am one happy woman. It's not over, but it is sure is better.**

** Unless, that is, Israel and Iran really are going to war. Edgy Adji's claim that Iran is devoted to Israel's destruction does not exactly deserve the Nobel peace prize, but I bet the Nordics are discussing that already.


"I was just lying in bed feeling sort of clean, and marveling at the wonder of it, when THE MIRACLE HAPPENED."

Tonight we are the greatest power. You were born to consume power. Every one of you. You were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done. It's over.

WV = shines

No joke. Blogger is making me tear up a bit. ;)
Mark - is that "tear up" or "fear up". Hal, is that you?

I must admit that I was thinking dark thoughts about green power. The sheer labor involved in keeping clean and keeping things clean without electricity reminded me once again that energy is the economy, because power = efficiency.
Power = efficiency????

Guess my thermodynamics professor was wrong, then.

But yeah, the more power you have available, the more you can get done, and the greater your effective wealth.

"Mark - is that "tear up" or "fear up". Hal, is that you?"

It was gear up, because this economy is about to go into overdrive!

WV - impleig

IMP: "Their behavior is described as being wild and uncontrollable... fond of pranks and misleading people... leading travellers astray in places with which they were not familiar."

leig: "to allow, let, permit"

Many of our leaders carry concealed impleigs (imp permits).
MoM, there's something on your site that is redirecting me to blogrolling.com after a second or so on you blogger page. I had to stop the browser by hand.

It's been happening continuously for a couple of days. A quick google search suggests maybe it's an infected ad?

Firefox from work and home.
Jeff, what version of Firefox do you use, and what's your screen resolution?

I use Firefox, but I'm back on 3.6 whatever (latest security updates). I don't get this. And I don't have ads.
I was having a spate of this yesterday (Weds 8/31). Both here and at No Oil For Pacifists -- when I clicked to access comments, I'd be routed to "rpc.blogrolling.com"

FWIW, I'm on Firefox 3.6.20

No problem today, no idea what the glitch might have been...

wv= "proch"
AI self-awareness is proch-ing quickly.
I was getting the blogrolling thing on Safari yesterday but it's fine now. I HATE sites that hijack other sites.
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