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Friday, August 12, 2011

July Monthly Treasury Statements

July 2011. July 2010.

Self is virtually unchanged at 204/205. Wages are somewhat encouraging at 14,010/13,572. +3.2%.

We won't go down without a struggle! It is difficult to escape the stunning drop in consumer confidence, though. I thought being in the 63 range was bad, but 54.9? AWWWWK.

And cluck, cluck, Tyson says it will lose money on its chicken division in the fourth quarter, because, well, consumers can't afford to buy chicken. What was that about a chicken in every pot?

Doesn't Tyson make most of their margin on value-add or brand-label products? Maybe customers are moving to store-label.
They said restaurant sales were deeply affected. Yes, it is a margin problem.
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