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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

EPA Watch - If You Want To Eat

API (American Petroleum Institute) produces really good stats at a very high price. This is not relevant to my readership on balance, I suspect.

Another thing they do is highly relevant - they monitor the rules and regs of those delightful fairy dust people at the EPA. Read this, and read this, and be aware that US chances of sneaking through the current round of economic troubles with relatively little impact are deeply endangered by these projected EPA rulings.

The EPA has turned into a genuine threat to US economic stability, and this is an issue that warrants contacting your Critter. Overall energy production (including oil) and refinery production has been one of the underlying bright spots in a necessary US economic restructuring. Gasoline demand is weak, but diesel demand remains relatively strong, and increased production has dropped our import dependence and is helping economic growth fundamentals.

The reason I am currently for Herman Cain is that I think he is the only possible candidate likely to take a seemingly radical approach that has the potential to back us away from the abyss. Maybe Christie, who is not running, would be better at dealing with the federal retirement crisis, but Cain is the only candidate who truly seems to understand that we can shift the fundamentals by making some real changes.

But regardless of what happens, the EPA's actions are going to have to be clipped ASAP or the end of 2012 and 2013 could be uglier than sin. Congress has to do it; the public needs to place intense pressure on Congress to get off its butt and change some laws to get EPA out of the CO2 regulating business and stop the current round of rulings. EPA is under pressure also, and they have to conform to current law. Congress Critters are attempting to evade their responsibility in this.

The EPA has recently changed some stances, but pressure groups have the power to sue and force EPA action, so they are in a dual squeeze and in a bad position overall - getting shot at no matter what they do. Congress seems to like EPA as a scapegoat but doesn't want to clarify the rules under which EPA is operating. Overall these are big money decisions, and Congress needs to make them.

I'm fighting off a virus so blogging will probably be light for a bit (unless I end up sitting around and doing nothing because I am really sick, in which case I will probably be so bored that the result will be a blogging blitz).

The EPA is a continuing disaster. It is only good as an example of how a bureaucracy operates as it seeks to increase its reach and power. The EPA needs to have it budget and head count cut by 50% and ordered to review and economically justify every previous regulation before issuing a single new regulation.
I am so tired of all these regulations and agencies. They are like leeches, sucking the life out of everything.

And so far, I'm impressed with Cain but still undecided. We've got to have someone in the White House that has a clue.

Thought you might like this story.

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