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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Am Going To Bravely Watch the GOP Debate

I'm not saying that I am going to comment on it, just that I am going to watch it. I'm making coffee right now. Such is my burning enthusiasm.

I will be curious to see how Cain handles himself tonight. SuperDoc decided long ago that Cain was his candidate - Cain may have far more staying power than most think. But if Cain is unstable his ego will trip him up starting about now!

Update; my impressions: A decent lot with some ideas. The moment when Romney impressed me the most came with his comment about the banks and small businesses - it seemed like he really got it. He was quite evasive at points. A good talker, but can he deliver? Glibness is out of favor with me.

My weirdest moment came when Romney tossed a softball to Bachmann. I got the impression that he has already decided to pick her as his Veep. He shouldn't be so obvious about assuming he's got the nomination.

Overall Santorum did the best on the economic issues, but he has not a chance. Ron Paul was enjoyable but has not a chance. Gingrich, as always, is a great talker and genuinely does have a lot of ideas, but I don't think he has the background to understand how to deliver. I did feel acute sympathy when he went off on a rant about the Debt Limit bill. Romney has experience, but is a bit of an equivocator. Perry would probably be best as president IMO in general, but he has not done well in these debates and he would have to be more explicit about his economic plan.

I felt most depressed about the truth of Gingrich's statement at the end - any one of these people would be better than Obama. Obama has been a failure.

Regarding Cain and his 9-9-9 plan, he is the most likely to change things. I plan to write more about Cain and his plan, so I'll leave the rest for later. Cain is a bullheaded man with a surprising depth of background, and he should be taken seriously. Romney clearly does not take him seriously. This is a very severe mistake. Romney is running a polished campaign, but does he grasp just how serious our economic situation is?

You are brave!
May the force be with you.
BTW, thanks for your posts. I don't comment much, but am directed here from Snarky Mark's blogroll, and enjoy your coolheaded reviews obviously culled from real reports.
You're a braver person than I. Color me not happy with any of the Republican candidates. "I'm not quite as bad as the sitting President" is no kind of positive endorsement.
I hope we can at least move past the CEO of Godfathers pizza thing and start to look at Cain's resume. I was suprised to learn of his involvement with the Fed. The boyfriend finds him interesting but doesn't like his words on the OWS crowd. I'm waiting to see how it shakes out. I consider Romney a weasel but guess I can hold my nose. I think he'd be a huge mistake.
I like Cain, but do not like his 999 plan. The 9% sales tax added to our 8.5% state sales gives a 17.5% tax on all purchases. This is high enough to change consumer behaviour in a big way. In an economy that depends, as ours does, on consumer demand, this cannot be good. And it is regressive. It would hurt sales of all big ticket items -autos, appliances, home improvements, etc. That's why I'm also against the Fair Tax (National Sales tax).

I like Newt's brains and feistiness in the debate. Wish he was more electable.

I also like Santorum except when he gets rolling on abortion. I am anti-abortion, but he often sounds like he wants to criminalize it.

Perry has disappointed and continued to do so last night.

Mitt is smooth and looks the part, but he is not a real conservative. It will takesomeone with strong guiding principles to steer us back to the right in the face of the desm and MSM opposition.

I like Bachmann's willingnness to stand up for conservative principles, but find her constant harping on her role as a mother of so many birth and foster children to no longer be that interesting. We need a President not a mother.

Huntsman seems like a nice guy, but not up to the Presidency.

Ron Paul, just too much of an isolationist.
About Romney using his Ask Another Candidate a Question turn on Bachmann: Why give TV time to someone with good poll numbers? Keep the camera off Cain and Perry for as long as possible. Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry and Cain all used their turn to ask Romney a question, and accidently turned the debate into the Mitt Romney Show. Paul and Santorum questioned Cain, but I'll bet Paul wishes he hadn't. Mitt was the only one to pick a candidate in the bottom 5.
But if Cain is unstable his ego will trip him up starting about now!

I'm not sure about that. Sometimes ego trips someone up too late to do anything about it. (For example, Nixon, Obama, maybe HW Bush.)

I would really support a Paul/Cain ticket.
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