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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Something About Massachusetts

Stuck in a corn maze at a farm, a Massachusetts couple calls police for rescue. A modern-day Green Acres:
Husband: "I see lights over there at the place, but we can’t get there, we’re smack right in the middle of the cornfield."

Woman: "I don’t know what made us do this. It was daytime when we came in. We thought if we came in someone would come in and find us... We can hear (the police officers) ... Oh, my goodness. The mosquitoes are eating us alive, and I never took my daughter out, this is the first time. Never again."
I'm not sure if this couple just didn't realize they could walk through the corn towards those lights they saw or whether they just couldn't take the mosquitoes. Fortunately they did not need to bring out the choppers - a K-9 team found them.

Why does that make me think of this, and, embarrassingly enough, our current president?

The gamer in me feels the need to share the "wall follower" algorithm.

It can even solve an escalator maze, lol. ;)
City folk.

One of the first verbal lessons I remember receiving in life was "how to find your way out of a corn field".
But did you need to be told to walk toward the light?

I'm tempted to quote from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, but oddly I seem to have misplaced my copy.

Yes, these are city folk.
"But did you need to be told to walk toward the light?"

Perhaps they read the fine print on their hypothetical corn maze damage waiver.

"If I attempt to solve the corn maze by cheating then I shall be personally responsible for repairing all damage done to the corn maze."

This could be fairly intimidating for non-farmers.

Perhaps there was also a display booth just outside the corn maze. I'm picturing the sign.

"Corn Maze Repair Kit: $1,000"

Hahaha! ;)
It's all a trivial misunderstanding.

Somebody said something about maize.
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