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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Comic Gold - The New Proletariat

Has masters degrees in puppetry and demands adequate compensation in return. Clearly it is a big bankers' conspiracy!

PS: What is
nonhierarchical and self-regulating? The riots in Oakland?

Read the link - after describing the large flows of monetary and in-kind donations:
Each day, the race to reproduce life itself at Liberty begins, and each day it is largely met, in theory at least, without the use of two things—the money-form and hierarchy.

Puppeteer  Money And Outlook

"Earnings and employment information from the U.S. Department of Labor is not available for this field at this time."

Another symptom of the tragic failure of capitalism.
I'm pretty sure there are three things they aren't using there in a race to "reproduce life itself at Liberty." The third thing is a condom.
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From the quote at the linked 'The Nation' article
"...each day it is largely met, in theory at least, without the use of two things ..."
= = = =

-- "in theory at least" --

Yep, that's all these dimestore Post-Modernists have got. Their Grand Theory about how people and nations and Reality Itself "should" work.

The fact, bitterly proven time and again, that people and nations and Reality DON'T work that way, is of no consequence. They're gonna show mean old Mr. Reality who is boss of the Universe, yessir! No matter how many billions, or trillions, or giglazillions of Other People's Money it may take, they will never admit defeat. They're going to MAKE IT WORK THEIR WAY, come hell or high water. (Most probably Hell, because The Lord already promised us no more Great Floods...)

Sigh. We have *GOT* to take back the education system...
Good luck with taking it back. The best we can hope for is that the educational system's pensions bankrupt the rest, and parents then organize themselves to create a new one.
For a giggle , read this: link This is SO 60s! These people actually thought they'd be allowed to have their say. But their new masters are more interested in power and money for that.
Consumer Metrics InstituteTM, has provided a good measure of the economy on a weekly basis, its recent readings of the Daily Absolute Demand Index(1, show an economy in rapid decline.

link: http://www.consumerindexes.com/
Yes, but... Ron, scroll down and look at the longer term graph - you can see that demand did rebound over the summer pretty strongly, then it hung out.

Now we are moving into the next phase, and I think we will see an obvious contraction.

The "skipping" recession hope is entirely based on the theory that consumer demand was so weak already that the business cycle/consumer cycle will be slightly off-phase. It's still a hope. Unfortunately my projections show perhaps a three trough cycle, but each peak gets lower as we move through the transition.
Teri - that's wonderful - thank you so much. I felt sorry for that poor guy, but what did he expect?

He isn't dumb, however - the reins of the movement are held by the professional drummers, not the 99%:

The Spokes Council, in fact, doesn’t have enough regard for working people, students and people with dependents to have one of their three weekly meetings on a weekend afternoon. Instead of ensuring broad participation of traditionally marginalized and oppressed communities, OWS limits participation to individuals from these communities who are privileged enough to be able to spend three workdays a week at Zuccotti Park.

Which says it all.
I am waiting for the femminists in OWS to realize the "piggish" behavior that lurks amongst the men of the left. (You'd think the rapes might give them a clue.) The behavior of some towards Hilary's candidacy was unforgiveable.
Here are our local bozos: Occupy the Gorge Why you would occupy a town of 430 people is beyond me but maybe there are hidden 1%'ers I don't know about.
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