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Friday, November 11, 2011


It's not from Japan. IAEA says similar levels are found elsewhere in Europe, so it's not localized.

Happy Veteran's Day, and a great big thank you to all who have served your country. Here's hoping that it stays quiet - this is not the way to celebrate.

"Europe in flames, missiles on the way, film at 11!"
Oil (Light Crude)
Dec. 2011 contract

Nov 11
Electronic 99.22 +0.23 +0.23%

Not a word from the WH/Democrats or Republicans,or MSM. The future markets continue to dominate commodity prices with paper assets being left for the common folks. I guess we all are suppose to argue among ourselves over taxes while the FED and Treasury go about saving the TBTF banks. Lovey!
Ive done it, it works! :) but you have to wear it with confidence. Its only going to work that way.
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