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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

This isn't good

Honda NA:
Honda Motor Co. said it will halve output at all six plants in the United States and Canada for 10 days starting Wednesday because the flooding in Thailand has disrupted parts supplies.

The company said it will then halt production in North America for one day on Nov. 11 and decide on its next move after monitoring developments in Thailand.
Diesel YoY came up in August after auto production ramped back up.

Oh, yeah, the Fukushima Daiichi thrills keep going. TEPCO is spraying boric acid on No. 2 again after detecting Xenon. Land values.

Per your request in the previous thread...

The Sarcasm Report v.137

"Unfortunately in the year XXXX the whole world was one large international workshop. A strike in the Argentine was apt to cause suffering in Berlin. A raise in the price of certain raw materials in London might spell disaster to tens of thousands of long-suffering Chinese coolies who had never even heard of the existence of the big city on the Thames. The invention of some obscure Privat-Dozent in a third-rate German university would often force dozens of Chilean banks to close their doors, while bad management on the part of an old commercial house in Gothenburg might deprive hundreds of little boys and girls in Australia of a chance to go to college."

This is from Hendrik Willem Van Loon’s book The Story of Mankind, published in 1921. The date that appears in place of XXXX is 1914.
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