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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Very Merry MDANGed Christmas To You All

Or is that MDBANGed? Whatever.

It seems that there are some slight national security problems (the current National Security level is at "taupe"), but we can always count on the Maryland Air National Guard to protect us from enemy air incursions, in whatever form they may occur!

These intrepid souls never fail to interpose their planes, their cell cameras and yes, their very bodies between danger and the civilian population they so dutifully protect.

They have been hard at work lately, with impressive results. One cannot say that the Innovative Readiness Training program has been wasted. It is an impressive example of community outreach.

I know all-too-many craven, superstitious civilians will look at this and go "OMG! Does this mean Santa's not coming this year? Am I not getting my stuff?"

The answer depends. If your idea of Santa is a large national government, then it will certainly be there for you. The administration is already rushing plans for an emergency coal-stocking distribution into action. (They are almost shovel-ready and should be operative about June.) After all, the EPA has about banned using coal to generate power. So you'll get politically correct menorahs and coal. Just don't burn the coal. Write with it. Letters to Santa.

If you feel less than satisfied with that solution, perhaps you should rethink those plans to cut military pensions and Tricare? I'm just pondering that there could be unanticipated results.

But if you are a down-home regular type of person, it is likely you are a Santa to someone else, and some other regular down-home person is a Santa to you, so you can skip the coal-and-candles politically correct Christmas.

Menorahs are very beautiful, though, so maybe you want the candles.

The elves DO seem a bit preoccupied this year. Remember the less fortunate.

I think this sort of Christmas spirit leaves those wussy Toys-for-Tots Marines looking pretty feeble, doesn't it?

It is very comforting to note that the reindeer have found decent forage. That old can-do North Pole spirit still lives. Maybe someone will bring the poor guy stuck in the plane a bale of hay.

Note: Do not write letters of complaint about the Air National Guard. An innovative spirit named Tom Blair did this. You can go see it.


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