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Monday, January 16, 2012

Occasionally It Happens

I never know quite what causes it nor what will happen, but I have entered the Plak Tau of M_O_Mish monetary theory, its relation to credit cycles, and business cycles.

It may have something to do with all the wood I've been splitting. An alternative explanation is that it was somehow sparked by all the Freudish stuff I've been reading. The insanity going on in Europe drove me to read a book about the evolution of Freudian psychoanalysis, but fortunately the book only goes up the 50s so it is less jargonized. I now understand more of the vicious accuracy of the Shrink's comment that Europeans were infantile.

he problem is that I really can't do anything else until I've worked this out. Anything else intellectual, that is. I'll be back soon. The wood pile is growing very rapidly.

I have about had it with modern IDonomics (the science of believing what you want to about the economy as long as you dress up your fantasy with a lot of equations).

PS: As you can see, I also become nearly illiterate when this happens!

Do you heat with wood? The record high propane prices have been pushing lots of my neighbors to wood heating (upstate NY).
Anybody experiment with running an extension tube from the fireplace into the home venting system? I suppose filtration would be needed to separate out the particulates and carbon dioxide.
When I'm in the north in the in-between seasons. Gas is not available in the northern house, and propane is very expensive. Gas stove, oil heat. Quite pricey.

Alessandro - please, let's not kill ourselves. There are some very good woodstoves, but they do need to be vented outside.

You can also get a wood burner to replace an oil furnace.
I used to work for a woman with a wood furnace. (the house was built by a Finn). It took 6 ft logs and could bank a fire for three days without being reloaded. The heat fed into registers in the house. It was an impressive system.

Splitting firewood is one of those chores that gives you time to think, like most jobs that involve physical labor. Unfortunately most modern jobs give you no time to think at all. It shows.
The winter here in Minnesota has been so very mild that folks are thrilled to see their natural gas bills. And with nearly no snow, the counties and cities are happy about the snow plowing budgets.

Of course, the resort owners, the snowmobile dealers and auto body shops are considering a variation of Allesandro's idea.
Gordon - if it is really true that Seattle is going to get 7 inches of snow, the Seattle area will be hiring extra body-shop workers.

I've got to find that hilarious video of Seattle drivers in a skim of snow.
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