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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There Is Such A Thing As Telling Too Many Lies

Especially in your fourth SOTU speech:
Since Obama took office, U.S. natural gas production averaged 1.89 trillion cubic feet a month through October, 13 percent higher than the average during President George W. Bush’s two terms, according to Energy Department data. Crude oil production is 2 percent higher, the department said.

“To be sure that is not because the White House meant for that to happen,” said Pavel Molchanov, an analyst at Raymond James & Associates Inc.

He's really pissed some people off with this one. Mitch Daniels is supposed to be giving the equal-time thingie. This will just flood us Daniel-ites with nostalgia for the best candidacy that never was.

I think I'll scrub the bathroom down tonight. Last night I watched the GOP debate. There was not huge realism on the fiscal situation there, either. Also Romney was acting weird. About 40 minutes in I decided that he was trying to be Ronald Reagan. Maybe I'm wrong. I do admire the man for his impressive donations to charity. He is not a hypocrite like so many; I also don't get the sense that he has much in the way of real answers for our social and fiscal dilemmas.

In the meantime, George Soros wants us to embrace the "Age of Fallibility"? Huh?

Found it. His book.

There's always Nader !
I just can't figure Soros' game. I wouldn't care, except that he seems to be throwing an awful lot of money and muscle around in the U.S. political system.
Neil, the poor man is in his 80s and struggling for his vision of utopia.

His vision isn't realistic, probably due to the hideous trauma of his youth. Even on issues that shouldn't haul back that trauma, Soros never seems to grasp the reality of what human beings are like.

He's idealistic, genuinely altruistic, and terrified of people. Thus he seeks a terrifically strong state that is programmed on humanistic lines and works like a machine. Because he's humanistic, he would have such a state immunize individuals from abuse and need, while providing opportunities.

The flaw in Soros is that he does not understand - he cannot grasp - the reality that any such state will inevitably degenerate and cause itself failure, and then the failure will turn vicious. If individuals are insulated from the results of bad decisions, they will collectively make bad decisions.

The failure of Europe has to be pure cognitive agony for this man. I have been thinking of him a great deal lately.
Hey MoM, please read this:


The news article about Soros and his "ideals" linked on Drudge yesterday laid out *exactly* what Zizek outlined in 2006.

The rest of his articles are good too:
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