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Thursday, April 05, 2012

That's so pretty!

Hah, March auto inventories. The hippo is still on her feet, twirling to the beyootiful music.

I think Mitsubishi is one of the winners with its MiEV. Volts are being sold to a very niche group in terms of incomes. Also I wonder if company buying isn't helping car sales overall?

Initial claims still very healthy - don't forget that the seasonal factors were adjusted, which shifted the SA totals up a bit.

MiEV is the perfect car for Monterey where it's always 65 degrees. In Detroit, not so much. You want heat with that?

I just laugh whenever somebody mentions "Who Killed the Electric Car?". Hmmmm, three thousand pounds of batteries riding on low-resistance tires. Now, imagine that on ice. And no usable heat. It was an important proof-of-concept, but there were good reasons GM only leased the EV1 in California...
Did you see the March numbers from Canada?

82,000+ new jobs, mostly in manufacturing.

The US equivalent would be 820,000 new jobs in a month.

And Canada just had a budget that looks like they will be out of deficit in 18 months.

Maybe Obama should get schooled in economics by PM Harper. Canada has a PM who is an Economist and that seems to be working a lot better that a head of state that is a Community Organizer.
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