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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Waiting On Auto Data

For the US. I was wondering a bit, and then I ran across Italian March auto sales, and this article made any possible US result look very good:
Italian new-car registrations fell 27% in March as the recession and tough government reforms including higher taxes prompted consumers to postpone big purchases, with Fiat SpA (F.MI, FIATY) describing the result for its home market as the worst showing for the month in 32 years.

Registrations in Europe's third-biggest car market totaled 138,137 units against 188,495 for the same month last year, according to data published by the transport ministry Monday.

The drop was worse than the one registered in France, which declined 24%.
So don't worry, be happy. Unless, of course, you are a car dealer in France or Italy.

Not bad, but it appears Mark's ration of cars may be increased to three by a democratically elected Congress:

The SAAR for February may have been upwardly distorted by abnormally good weather, which would put March and February at about the same SA level.

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